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*goes off to watch old Pokemon episodes on Cartoon Network, including Pokemon 2000!*
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So I was teaching my friend Sara how to play Pokemon, and she thought the Bag thing in the battle menu meant you stick a bag over their head to suffocate them...

I love her so much. XD
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20 hours.

That's how long making Michael Bugg's cover took me...

The final product:

Considering this is the first cover I've ever done, I'd say it looks pretty damn good, IMHO.

Went to the mall today to swap out my shirt (it had some pulls in the silk), and to get Andy a shirt as well. His is a silver version of mine, more or less, and he looks ADORABLE. Gah, too bad men aren't usually attracted to older sisters with their cute baby brothers hanging around :P (I'll post pictures when we get the costumes together!)
Looking online to try to see if I can find a Ryoga piggy  ("P-chan") plushie. Thankfully they're not too expensive.
But slacks are hard to find for me...  x_x, and we still need shoes...
OH! And we bought hair dye for Shrimpie and me. Got him some temp black, so we can spray it in. Hope he looks better with it than I do XD
I got some sort of temp red to make my red hair brighter/more RED red.

We're going to look Effin' adorable...

BTW, I also picked up some cheap copies of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. I've actually read part of PP before, so the difference is noticeable. But Seth Grahame-Smith does an amazing job of using the language Austen uses, writing like her, etc. I could barely put it down to work on the cover! XD

SGS just came out with another book as well:
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
I kid you not!
I looked through it, though, and I will definitely pick it up when I have money.

I'm going to try to post some icons from a Pokemon comic I've been reading on DA soon, but I haven't even had a chance to batch edit yet x_x (Sorry hon, I'll get it up as soon as I can. Probably Saturday evening at the earliest.)

And of course...

Alright, I'm taking a shower, then reading before passing out and getting barely enough sleep before Math Class tomorrow morning. *sob* I have math midterms coming up soon...

P.s. Welcome, [ profile] very_bookish !
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The hover text?
"Using a ring to bind someone you covet into your dark and twisted world? Wow, just got the subtext there. Also, the apparently eager Beyonce' would've made one badass Nazgul."

I love xkcd. The only webcomic I know of written by a former NASA Robotics guy.
No, seriously. 

Also, that helmet looks both silly and creepy...
And at somepoint, I need to have a character use the line "Stand back. I'm going to try SCIENCE". Just because I'm such a geek I must make references to my favorite things. Hell, in one upcoming story, I make a reference to TvTropes. (Okay, it's technically a General Patton reference, but still...)

Was looking at the FireFox addon page, and found out they've come out with addons to help with the batcrap insane memory leak.
Seriously, somehow after 3.0 got updated, it started being stupid again. WTF?
Right now I'm being forced to use IE *shiver* but hopefully this will help. There's a few tab addons too. Given my love for a million tabs up at once, I should download it.

Anyway, I should get back to doing work now.
And remember kids:
I'm "Just shy, not anti-social. (You can talk to me!)"

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So this month is super special fudge coated busy. SOOOO many things going on:
14: HGSS!!!!!
17: Oh boy, a Psych appointment... I get to pay money for a guy to write me a voucher for meds. O_o
Same week: Math Midterm?

Buys busy little Cassa...

Got permission for squirt to go with me, now to see if we can get the costumes together...

Hoping to collab with [ profile] wordsnatcher  and make a long fic about The War. What is The War? Sorry, you'll have to wait to find out :)
Funny, I was actually thinking about starting to concentrate more on long fic, since my stuff spans a good amount of time, normally, but not so much a oneshot is needed. Nothing wrong with those, but I'm no WS. I just seem better at Long!fic than the other.

In fact, quality with me could be linked with length. My best oneshot IMO is Bare. It's at least 3k. Illness was around 7k, and is my only one that isn't a super shortened one, probably. SRCK is over 52k together, but I just had some ideas for CK, which actually pull some threads together. Hm...



That is all I can think of. Stupid tired brain.

I need to go work on the cover for Mike, and then some homework, and then I'm going to bed.
Hopefully Mom and Andy and I can go to the Mall to get him a shirt, and we can look for some cheap pants too. Hm, while I'm at it, I need to pick up some temp red hair dye to brighten my auburn...
And hopefully that Ryoga piggy is still at PicaPica...

Anyway, Night!


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So I can't find the fedora or trenchcoat for the Cool trainer... which means I'm probabaly going as Silver. If that doesn't work, I'll have to go as my OC other words, myself :P

My problem is I just realized that Silver's pants are... kind of light blue, and...are they cargo pants or jeans? Any ideas folks on what would be better?
I had been under the impression they were black... boy, my memory recieves an F...



You may continue with your normal programming.

Oh em gee, it's almost 3:30...Ruggles needs her sleep.

Anyway, letting me know about what sort of pants would be best would be of great benefit... I need to find some...
Here's the links to pics: (Old version) (Yummy new version) (Adventures version)

They kind of look like cargoes, cargoes?

Thanks ya'll!

P.s. I'll post a pic of my shirt soon...hopefully. :)

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Ye bobs, this song is disturbingly peppy and wonderful...
songlet and lyrics )
I...I think that's now one of my character's themes... I...I have to put it in my soundtrack now. If you can guess you get a waden cookie.

It's official, I LOVE Code Geass music. Especially Ali Project. Oh man... I'll post them later after I finish math, if I'm not half-asleep.

Got one of the tickets for Momocon registered. Going to find out if Andy can go before I order another. >_>

EDIT: Argh, it won't let me change some of the html. Please forgive it...
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Hm, not sure if I would exchan...WAIT WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING HELL YES I WOULD
as long as I could still write some of my silly angst!fluff from time to time...

Seriously, if I were another Tolkien, I would write my novels like THAT. And while I'd write Seren and Giovanni every now and then for fun, I wouldn't have to do it to get better like I do now.
PFFFT, This question makes me want to work on my novel... dammit. Well, that's it, I'm going to have to post some of my crap writing. -_-

Tolkien actually is my all-time favorite author. The tales that man could weave... he actually inspired my love of coming up with history for places and stuff.
And he made me love fantasy even more.
Too bad he died like 17 years before I was born :/ *sob*

Anyway, I swear I'm going to kill this bastard that comes to our synagogue one day. He's one of those 30somethings that hits on younger women (like teenage ones), stalks women he gets close to (OH LORD IN HEAVEN THE STORIES I CAN TELL), and is genuinely messed up. I caught the baka yarou telling one of Trish's kids (the kids we took care of for awhile) that he'd get her some nice shoes, but one: He's not even supposed to be talking to the kids because he's already tried to turn them against their mom and said he wanted to adopt them and a bunch of other stuff. Two: He and the girl were actually conspiring to lie to her mom and say that their "Mimi" (a family friend who takes care of the kids while Trish is at school) has been saving up for these expensive shoes for her birthday.
At first, I wasn't sure whether to say anything to Mom or not, but then I realized Wait, he's actively trying to get them to lie to their mom, causing trouble again, and he's not even supposed to be talking to the kids. Hell no I'm not letting this slip. So I tell Mom, who gets me to tell Dad, who has me be there when he tells Trish. Who is obviously not pleased.

I think the only reason my father has not recommended she gets a TPO on him is I think he hopes he'll stop after he lamblasts him again. But what if he emotionally attaches to another woman after her? And its WORSE?
I'm starting to think he's one of those guys that needs major help, like from a professional psych in a mental hospital.
*shiver* I knew that that first impression he gave me when he first came was spot on.
Hmph. Personally, I think the only way its going to get better is a TPO...

But Purim was fun! ^_^
I'll see about posting the audio at some point. It's a rowdy good time!

Off to play Ace Investigations: Miles Edgeworth! Night!
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First off, poll time![Poll #1531172]

Secondly, I finally made it out of Mt. Moon after 12 hours of gameplay.

I WAS LEVELING MY POKES, I most certainly did not get lost in the new design... no siree, I did not.
Not at all...

On the plus side, I'm about to have me an Ivysaur. W00t W00t!

I'm pretty happy to find all these RPs lately. I'm going to try out [ profile] eksperimentis  next. Basically, all the Pokemon turned into humans...sort of. You know, like Gijinkas.
This is quite possibly the most awesome RP idea ever.
I think I'm going to RP as Ayah, Seren's Fearow, or maybe a Persian.

Cause I can.

That's all for now. I'll try to post later regarding Purim coming up.

Rock on!,
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So I finally got to go out with Mom to the mall, and even though we didn't get to go a lot of places, we were able to pick up some neat stuff. I'm not sure which is bigger: The Chinese Jacket that looks...sort of similar to Silver's (except it has designs on it), or the MOTHERFRAKKIN PIPLUP HAT!
Haha, my mom noticed it at PicaPica (one of the Japanese/Korean stores in Discover Mills mall) and she said, "Aw, it looks liek like a penguin!"
I'm like, "yeah, it's a Piplup."
"Wasn't that on Pokemon?"
"...It's still kind of cute."
So Andy and I talked her into letting us get a hat each (He got a Goomba, I got Piplup), since they were on sale.I also picked up some hair accessories: Some hair ties... (I think Hello Kitty? *shuffles around in bag*) Yeah, some cute HK hair bands, a pretty pair of orange flower hair clip/pins (they sort of remind me of Orihime's blue hair clips), a nice pair of chopsticks, and some orange Japanese soda. You know, the type you have to force the ball into the bottle?
And I kind of promised one woman I'd try to stop by her shop whenever I'm in the area (She offers reward points w00t!)...
Which means everything I got was connected to Japan/China somehow.

So yeah, I'm going back into geek  mode. Oh well, I can deal with that. Better than being depressed, eh?
Oh that note, I think I'm downgrading from "obsessed" to hobby on my stories, but that could be the depression flaring up and talking. Gahhhhh...
Although I'm really liking RP stuff now. Hahaha. I think I'll try out SG soon, maybe play as Silver, or maybe Gio... I hear they need a gym teacher. (Holy crap, I think a million voices cried out in terror at the thought of Giovanni being a gym teacher... XD)

But  yeah, keep me in your thoughts, and let's pray/hope/send good thoughts/whatever the depression doesn't get as bad as it got when I was 15, plzkthnx. I really don't want to go suicidal again ;_; It's not like I have a real reason to, but unfortunately...depression has a way of making mountains outta molehills. Hell, I'm having to bat back the "I wanna hubby!" wangst, because I think that might be a depression trigger. I mean, it's not like I'm not fairly attractive (YourMileageMayVary, but I'm not ugly), so maybe I'm just not ready for a relationship yet, and that's God's way of helping me grow (the depression part is all me, though, because I have a Self Confidence score of 3 :P)
Besides, I figure all the people telling me I'm a sweet girl means something (unless of course they're just being nicSHUT UP BRAIN!) or another. Hm, well, I've got some opportunities to meet guys coming up, anyway.

Upcoming stuff I REALLY WANT TO GO TO:
Momocon!: Oh gosh, it'll be my first convention sdjafjakkjf I'm so excited! I don't have a costume or anything, so I'll probably just go as a Pokemon Trainer XD (Jeans, check. Sneakers, check. Awesome hat [Piplup or Giovanni style fedora(HELLYEAH)], check! Backpack, check! Random Pokemon stuff, check! Hell, I think I even have some of those old Pokeball toys lying around...And I think I can find my plushies....
Of course, I could go as a female Silver... (SHUT UP. I'm redheaded, got the jacket... Hm, need a Gen2 starter plush...)
So whatcha ya'll think? Normal trainer, cool trainer (If I can find my boots and leather trench and hat, I can pull it off...I hope), or Female Silver?
(If I had more time and balls, I'd make an Athena outfit)

Next, there's YMJA Youth retreat in April. It's just an over-the-weekend thing, but I want to go pretty bad. I haven't done a youth outing in forever... and I can meet some cute Jewish boys! :)

And finally, if I get on the list (PLEASE G-D), there's a chance I can go on a FREE TRIP TO ISRAEL!!! UGH, I wanna go like burning!

Hm, that's all I can think of for now... except for the fact I have math class tomorrow (;_;)

I'll try to get some pics of the stuff, especially the shirt and Piplup hat, so stay tuned! ^_^

Pip, Piplup!,

EDIT: Oh, and at the store I promised the lady I'd pop back by, there was this weird wallet...It had a woman kicking a guy giving her flowers, and it was orange and had a "R" on the back, styled like the Team Rocket one... I have no idea what it's from, but I think I need to pick it up... (If I have it if I go as Silver, i can say it's my mom kicking Dad (Gio) or something :P it sounded good at the time, okay?)
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[ ☆ ] you love hoodies
[ ☆ ] you love jeans
[☆ ] dogs are better than cats
[ ☆] sometimes its hilarious when people get hurt
[ ☆ ] you've played with/against boys on a team
[  ] shopping is torture
[ ☆ ] sad movies suck
[ ] you own an XBOX 360
[ ☆ ] you played with Hot Wheels as a little kid
[ ] at some point in life you wanted to be a firefighter
[ ☆ ] you own/owned a DS, PS2 or Sega
[  ] you used to be obsessed with Power Rangers
[  ] you watch sports on TV
[  ] gory movies are cool
[ ☆] you go to your dad for advice
[ ] you own like a trillion baseball hats
[ ☆ ] you used to collect yugioh, pokemon, or sports cards
[  ] you like wearing sweatpants
[  ] its kind of weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people
[ ☆ ] green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors
[ ☆ ] you love to go crazy and not care what other people think
[  ] sports are fun
[  ] you talk with food in your mouth
[  ] you sleep at night with your socks on
[ ] you like to fish
TOTAL = 12

[ ☆] you like to shop
[ ] you wear eyeliner
[ ] you consider cheerleading a sport
[  ] you hate wearing the color black
[ ☆ ] you like going to the mall
[☆ ] you like wearing jewelry
[  ] you cried watching The Notebook
[ ] skirts are a big part of your wardrobe
[☆ ] shopping is one of your favorite hobbies
[ ] you don't like the movie Star Wars
[ ] you are/were in gymnastics
[☆ ] it takes you around an hour or longer to shower and get dressed
[ ☆ ] you smile a lot more than you should
[ ] you have more than 10 pairs of shoes
[☆ ] you care about what you look like
[☆ ] you like wearing dresses/skirts when you can
[ ☆ ] you wear body spray/perfume
[ ☆] you constantly say "like" (only when describing what someone said...)
[ ] you like to wear high heel shoes
[☆ ] you used to play with dolls as a kid
[ ] you like putting makeup on others
[ ] you like being the star of almost everything
[ ] pink is one of your favorite colors

Man, I'm slightly more girly than the [ profile] theindigokid ...
But I don't want to be very girly ;_;
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So I've been working on a kickass cover for my "brother" Mike's book on Revalation, When the Stars Fall. And I swear if the publisher gives us one more thing to change on it, I'll smack a bitch. Seriously, he's like, well we need bleed space, oh it has to be black, raise the dpi and size, but I'm not gonna tell you the spine width you requested, nope nope!


In other news, I've been tagged as 'eligible' on my application to go to Israel for free this summer. Unfortunately, Ezra USA already has a waiting list...
*prays she gets to go*
If nothing else, I'll apply through a few different places...

Also, I have a frakking awesome new userpic. *dance dance* You can't deny those two are delicious.
Okay, I'll stop now :)

Aw man, I just remembered I gotta go to the orthodontist tomorrow...

;_; I hate ortho appointments...

Alright, that's all for now. I'm off to take my shower-a-day (I'm horribly OCD about that...)
Just call me Hannelore! :)
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Used to be I didn't watch much at all, but now that I've found some stuff online I can't find on my TV, I tend to watch a lot online now.

I suppose my determining factor is whether I can see it on TV or not. Stuff like Axis Power Hetalia? Online. A lot of old anime isn't on tv anymore, so I go to places like ZOMGanime to watch it. A lot of that's in the original Japanese too... Japanese Sailor Moon FTW!
Also, I've been watching the first season of Pokemon online (in Japanese), and I find myself falling in love all over again.
(although my first love on that front is getting to watch Mewtwo Returns in the original Japanese...*wibbles*)
Haha, I'm such a geek. <3

Basically, if I'm trying to catch up with a show, or watch the old shows that don't play on TV anymore, I'll watch them online.
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Hey folks, GxS here, and this time I bring something meaningful to the table:

Hopefully they'll be alright...

Iconage! )
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So this POS was my first RP post on [ profile] pokemonopal ...

I'm not kidding, it was all I could come up with.
Well, technically, I've got another thing for that chara's blog,
but still...
(I redid it, it's not quite so stupid)

I am so full of FAIL today.


No kidding, I started crying at dinner with my friend and his wife, because they were picking fun at me. It went to me not having a guy....and yeah.
Although my mom asked later what was wrong, and it's like, "just angsting over not having a man", she kind of smiled and rolled her eyes.
I'd just like to have a husband and older kids before the apocalypse.
Is that too much to ask?

Also, we have concluded that while I have a 14-15 in my intelligence score (aka 140-150 IQ), my Self-confidence score is, like, a 3.
The Great Spock: Use Logic.
me: D: Logic no worky!

I'm a real piece of work, aren't I?


I'm going to go play LeafGreen and go to bed... maybe the wangst will go away some in the morning while I'm getting ready for the Senior pictures (OMB) on Monday. I have to wax and color and check makeup and jewelry...

P.S. Wordsnatcher you should totally join the RP. Seriously, I think it's going to be a lot of fun even with my EPIC FAIL RPing skills. There's several people on already...
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So there's my first RP journal post. I dare say its disturbingly cute...
*starts to flip through her avvies to see if she has any icons for her Pokes* I'm very proud of the avatar I made in 5 minutes, though :)

I wonder if I can get rid of that extra tab in the thing, though...

And I need to write the app, otherwise having a RP account is rather pointless >_>

Just wanted to let everyone see it.
*wanders off*
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This is sort of more for my records, but I'm joining [ profile] pokemonopal , and I'm [ profile] rockethadasim  ("Rocket Hadasim"). That's "Rocket Myrtles" for the uninformed =P, but Hadassah is my RPOC, so it's a play on words (HARHAR AREN'T I FUNNY?!)

Hooray, RPing!
[ profile] wordsnatcher, you should totally join me as a Rocket Spy. Together, we could rule the galaxy!! sisters :)


Also, my little brother just got glasses! ^_^ He's so fraking adorable!

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