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So apparently I have something conspiring against me; Not only did I start out the school semester with a messed up neck, it seems I may finish with one to! X( I don't have time for this nonsense, bloody heck! I have to finish this week's work, then I have finals next week! >_< Oh L-rd help me...

I also seem to have a cold for the 3rd time this year...good bob!

So, after reading Wordsnatcher's fic, I was inspired to finally sit down and finish a prompt I had start a million times over, but never completed. W00t! Enjoy!

18. Bare
Characters: Giovanni, Seren, Madame Boss
Pov: Seren
Rating: PG-13
Notes: How far would you go for a loved one?

18. Bare )

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Hey everyone! I finally posted another fic!

Fic time! Fic Time!

Life has been fuuuuun lately....okay, actually' it's been rather stressful. Thankfully, we just got past the High Holy Days, so I just have to manage to keep up with schoolwork right now....

Math is a bugger.

Post more later, I'm going to bed!
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64. Beginning

As I am using these prompts to help me flesh out a fanfic I am writing, They may be a little long. Just to warn you.

I figured starting with the Beginning prompt would be helpful, and fun. My continuity will almost always be the show, but I’ll be throwing in tidbits from the manga every now in then. Sorry, folks, Silver may not be making an appearance, despite his badassery.

Speaking of which, this particular prompt is rated G, and takes place shortly after the Persian story in How I Became a Pokémon Card. Yeah, I consider that canon to the anime. Hush. :P

I've also had people ask wht the girls dislike her. The answer? They simply do. Considering I've been under the same thing as Seren in this one, I know all too well that little kids can be jerks.

The story )

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