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You know, one day I'll remember I have a personal journal...

Ahem, hello, everyone!

It's that time of year again! Time for cards to get sent out around the place for the holidays~ So, if you would like a card, please fill out the following information:

Name: Because I gotta know who to address it to, silly!
Want something special:
I'm gonna try to do special stuff with names, so let me know if you want that name or another here!
Plurk name:
Requests: [Any specific holiday? Any requests for what's in the card? I can't promise to be able to draw much, since I SUCK at it, but I can try?]
Want to exchange cards?: [I'll comment back with my address, or PM it to you]
All comments are Screened! That way no creepers find your information...other than me of course :)

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Hello, everyone! Long time no post.

It's that time of year again! Time for cards to get sent out around the place for Christmahanukwanzaah~ So, if you would like a card, please fill out the following information:

Want something special:
I'm gonna do special stuff with names, so let me know if you want that name or another here!Plurk name:
Requests: [Any specific holiday? Any requests for what's in the card? I can't promise to be able to draw much, since I SUCK at it, but I can try?]
Want to exchange cards?: [I'll comment back with my address, or PM it to you]
Favorite colors/motifs/etc.: This way I know what to try to look for!

All comments are Screened! That way no creepers find your information :)

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</td> <td>
What a lovely miniblurb that goes in here. It can even contain some info on your character!

( code by whambam )
</td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="2" style="text-align: center;">Homeless but active</td> </tr> <tr> <td>
Fire Emblem Nephenee
A young farmer girl from the village of Ohma, Nephenee is quite shy, but also handy with a lance. Don't let her appearance fool you, she's capable and strong. The shyest in the group.


[personal profile] bodyofavenus 
[personal profile] fatherdoubtfire 
( code by whambam )
</td> <td>
Pokémon Arina
A tomboyish Trapinch Gijinka who hails from the desert. While not exceptionally strong, she makes up for it with enthusiasm and heart. The one most likely to be mistaken for a boy.

( code by whambam )
</td> </tr><tr> <td>
Soul Calibur Talim
The last priestess of a wind deity in the Phillipines,  Talim is meek, nice, and an all around good kid. In contrast to her appearance, she is a quick, capable fighter who has sworn to defeat Soul Edge once and for all. The quickest on her feet.


[personal profile] blade_of_resolve 
[personal profile] stoic_surgeon
( code by whambam )
</td> <td>
Trauma Team
Maria Torres
A hot tempered young woman, Maria is one of several first responders employed at Resurgam First Care. While she strives to be a hero, and is a good paramedic, her abrasive, gung-ho personality puts people off easily. The quickest to be curse.

( code by whambam )
</td> </tr><tr> <td>
Assassin's Creed 2 Leonardo Da Vinci
A later famous Italian artist, Da Vinci has pushed past obstacles surrounding his birth and station in life, and now is a fairly well known painter. He helps Exio construct a new blade and several other inventions. He is the most likely to procrastinate, however.

Usernames (none yet)
( code by whambam )
</td> <td>
Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals
A young prince of Pharae, and the son of Eliwood, Roy, like his father, is an upright and just man, with a perchance for idealism. While young, he is strong in both body and spirit, and will stop at nothing to protect his country and loved ones. The most likely to not realize a girl is flirting with him.

( code by whambam )
</td> </tr><tr> <td>
Fire Emblem: Awakening Neitzah (My Unit)
A traveler who remembers nothing prior to being found by the wayside. Chrom realized her tactical genius and enlisted her in the Shepherds, where she is well liked. Unbeknownst to most, she carries a dark secret. The biggest mystery in the group.


[personal profile] rallies 
( code by whambam )
</td> <td>
Dragon Age: Origins Leliana
What a lovely miniblurb that goes in here. It can even contain some info on your character!


[personal profile] bluesilkshoes 
[personal profile] trytobemerciful 
( code by whambam )
</td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="2" style="text-align: center;"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td> </td> </tr> </tbody></table>

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So I was looking through my stuff, and realized this fic wasn't on my journal. WELP. Can't have that, now can I? Even though I haven't written in heaven knows how long, I might start up again...Maybe.

Anyway, here we are.
EDIT: LOL I forgot Flying types aren't technically strong against Ground types. They aren't effected, but they aren't Strong against them.

51. Childhood
Characters: Lil' Giovanni, Lil' Seren
Rating: G
Notes: the First in a series about Giovanni and Seren as young trainers. In an anime style, complete with anime physics. ^^
It's more embarassing than you think.. )

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Hey y'all! I'm going to send out cards this year, and would love to send you one. Yes, you, in the back. I want to send you a card. Heck, I'd love to receive one from you too!

Just follow the magic format and we can get this party started:
Requests: [Any specific holiday? Any requests for what's in the card? I can't promise to be able to draw much, since I SUCK at it, but I can try?]
Want to exchange cards? [I'll comment back with my address, or PM it to you]

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Oy vey, so I'm here on DW now. Damn you LJ for being a bunch of jerks. B(

Back in school too. Gotta get my disability stuff finished to get my support up.

I'm terrible at posts, aren't I? XD

I've been in a cleany mode since Saturday night. It's the strangest thing. I guess I got tired of my room being a pile of crap :/ But I'm going to sell some stuff off to make some money and declutter. My Pokemon collection is way too big, but I dun wanna get rid of my kid collection. It's a fair size but I won't be able to make the money back, so I'm going to get rid of some plushies I guess.
I'm planning on moving downstairs too. But I need to clean it up. At least I can use the couch down there as a spare bed for friends. That way I can invite Samantha over and have a friend from up north down. She might be coming in March, and she's the one I met on the way to Israel, Avigail :) I can't wait.
But IT WILL BE HARD WORK X( At least I can toss some shit into the extra bedroom down there. AKA the trash room.

I have a plurk, btw! It's here! I update it a lot more then here, believe you me.

College takes up most of my time and energy right now, but I'm playing games on the side. Been playing a hack of FireRed called ShinyGold. It's basically HG/SS for the GBA. I want a new copy of HG or SS though so I can trade between them and start a new game :/ same with Pokemon Black. Andy lost his copy of both White AND HG so I'm stuck until I can afford it.

So how is everyone?
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 Hey babes! From now on, this journal is now 8D The former will still redirect here, but I finally put the money down for it. LJ you money whore B|

Doing pretty good in life. College is taking up most of my energy right now sob. RPing still at SBG, with Gio and Nephenee.Trying for a Fearow next. Got Poggles Black, too. 8> I love it so much!

I also got on the list to go to Israel for free 8'D yaaaaaay!

How is everyone?
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 x_x So hi I'm back. I keep meaning to update but I forget or put it off. 

So you know where I said i started college way back when? UM that fell through but I'm about to start on the 6th at a different one. 8D I'm going for Biology right now, but most of the classes this semester are just fill outs. But I'm just glad I'm starting soon. And praying it doesn't fall through ;n;

The past few months have been weird. For well over a month, I was taking care of a cancer patient, which definitely was strange. Hard, stressful, but not too bad. And I'm apparently back up on transportation, which is weird with my schedule :|... I want to help her more, but at this point, I'm not sure I can... What do???

RP front, that's been my main hobby still, and i got a new character in as well, Nephenee from Fire Emblem. Fixed Gio up as well, he's a lot better than I was doing.

And as for Fanfics...honestly, I sit down and try to write, and I can't. I don't know why, but it's like a giant brick is there :/ WRITER"S BLOOOOOCK *sob*

Went on a cruise mid December, and while it was fun, I fell and landed on my knee. :( I gotta go get an MRI Monday morning. Fuuuuun. And I gotta pay for college and get books andandand... /o\ help....

So how has everyone been lately? 
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I'm starting the 23rd!
So far, I'm registered for Biology I, College Study Skills, Composition and Rhetoric, Introductory Psychology, & Introduction to Microcomputers. So, basic stuff, but just want to get started right now. My declared Major is Nursing, but I'm just working to work my pre-reqs first. I may end up dual-enrolling at the nearby Georgia Gwinnett later, since they have Pre-Nursing...

So we'll see.

But that's a huge burden off my shoulders. I feel rather relieved knowing I'll be around people and out of the house like 3 days a week.
It'll help with my depression, in any event.

Hm...can't think of anything else right now. :| RLwise anyway.

RPwise, it's been weird. But I think I'm heading the right direction now. Giovanni, you are suuuuch a jerk. It's fun playing someone opposite me. He's starting to learn what he needs to work on... BD and complaining at me so hard.
As always, check the journal to see what's going on.

Okay, I'm off. I'll post more later. <3


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I do, in fact, live, x_x
I really should post more...

Sorry it's been so long...between RP and life it's been weird this summer...

First off, I should finally be posting a Pimping Post for a friend of mine who does a comic soon. I am so sorry Sweetie ;3; We've got what we need to make the post, though...just gotta do it (which will be right after I do so RL things tonight).

Geez I don't even know what to say :| Well, I'm trying to get into a Community College, and praying that I do. Just went down there with mom today, and I have to take the COMPASS exam Wednesday morning. :o ombombomb kind of nervous.

Speaking of that, I'm in a class for my anixety finally. Or how to manage it better. It. Sort of helps.Might help more if I did the exercises.

Figures I can't think of what to write ;3;

So, um...I'll try to get that post up tonight, and I'll try to post more often. and occasionally regale you with RP tales. And maybe get back on the fanfic bandwagon. Meybeh.

Welcome back, me.
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First off, I apologize for not posting in a month ;-; I have both been completely addicted to SBG and its chat, and also busy with school before I was to graduate...
well...that last one is no longer an issue...


Okay I'm done spamming the large text option. :)

This week was crazy busy, but It's been good. I ended the semester on all A's, and since I got Honors (top 20%), it can be assumed my GPA is pretty high. So I'm quite happy about that.
I...can't really say much else on stuff cause nothing else has happened really. The past month was spent working my ass off on school and stress releasing with SBG. That's really it... O_o

Speaking of's gotten weird. First off, not long after I posted that, Giovanni was attacked in the City, and was put in the hospital with a major concussion. Now, concussions can make the personality "freak out" and cause it and the moods to swing around like a tether ball. Keep that in mind for this next part.
As you may know, [ profile] blackjackrocket is the Cyrus player, and I mentioned Giovanni and he were getting along...
Not anymore. Cyrus made the mistake of egging on a student that Giovanni had started thinking of as a daughter. Unfortunately for him, Giovanni saw this and got pissed as hell. Now, normally, he would have merely gone over and talked to him and played the passive-aggresive card. Due to either HOW pissed off he was, or the concussion screwing with his emotions, Cyrus got his ass handed to him by Vanni-kun. Yay. Now Cyrus sees him as an enemy, which he would have soon anyway if he didn't already, and Giovanni is doing a few things to throw him this (last tag by Giovanni in the Cyrus thread; requires being a member of Dear_mun to view?). Sadly it's not game canon, though we keep joking about Cyrus/Giovanni (hell no). Also, the student that Cyrus egged on and who was his star pupil? She's dropping Cyrus' class in favor of Giovanni's. Yeah!
I swear, Giovanni+Voile is the cutest friendship ever, right next to Mac+Giovanni.
Non-Cyrus-wise, Giovanni and Silver have met...and it didn't turn out well. Mac had to come by and talk Giovanni out of almost suicidal depression...
;3; Vanni, don't be sad, it'll be okay..

Right now, the main threads are the teacher's trip, where Giovanni made friend's with Uxie, and is currently trying to prank Cyrus, and also my latest entry where Giovanni is announcing he has to go to Viridian to take care of his dad for a bit. And Voile and Vanni on a mountain.

Oh...and if someone wants to get me something for birthday/graduation...a paid account for [ profile] breaks_ground would be completely awesome...I need one so badly to edit and for userpics orz

I'll post some more later, after I get all the links, but I have dinner to attend~

Post more later!



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 So I'm... kind of completely addicted to [ profile] sumabura_gakuen and its chat and everything...dammit. Normally I don't get addicted like this to something, but... I think because I'm actually talking to these people and making friends with them...and playing Giovanni's fuuuun. [ profile] theindigokid 's working on a Silver app, too, sooo...we may get to play together soon.
As for how Gio's doing, most of the time he's having to tell people who know about him "Yeah, I'm that guy, but I left that life behind me." But he's making a few friends... He and Knuckles the Echidna are all giddy about archaeology and digging and stuff... so they're getting along great. Knuckles even promised to help him get back into his exercise regimen and get one of the other guys to teach him to bench more.

Now all we need is a Byron and we can have the  "I LOVE DIGGING!" squad... (You should click that link, it's hilarious)
Also, that'd be the most awesome buddy squad ever. I mean, 2 Dan Greens and a Ted Lewis? *_* The earth should only be so lucky.
It would be the Manliest man squad.

Scarily enough, Giovanni and BJ's CYRUS are kind of getting along...for now, any way. I have a feeling Vanni's going to mention his wife at some point... at which point the conversation will go downhill as Cyrus goes on a rant about how such things are meaningless...Thankfully they haven't met each other face to face, or Giovanni may be tempted to strangle him. >_> Bonus points if Cyrus mentions his "perfect world" and Giovanni mentions "My father often spoke of a world to come that was perfect...however, your world was NOT it." (because I just the info from my little puppet that his father was Catholic... will you give me this stuff earlier, already?!)

Also, my little Geology teacher may or may not look like this on the first day of teaching...
picture! )

:3 Isn't he pretty?! It took me a double take to realize who it was. *_* Glasses!Vanni looks great!

And... I may or may not have this song stuck in my head... I don't like how the original sounds, but I love the beat to this one.

Um, let's see if I can think of anything substantial... Um, the retreat went okay. Although I want to beat them for being inconsistent. I mean, if you're going to make only people who's parents or Grandparents are Jewish full members, at least act like a Jewish organization, dammit. They couldn't even be bothered to seperate meat and cheese... what the hell? And they had normal marshmallows for s'mores, which have gelatin in them... ARE YOU KIIDDING ME?!

I'm going to try to post a bit more often now, and I'm hoping my computer will stop ditzing out long enough to get more icons done for PTOG. Seriously, you should go read it. It's the coolest thing and pretty awesome.

Also, I have the sneaking suspicion I'm going to hear some complaining from someone in [ profile] dear_mun soon. He's not thrilled I've barely touched him or his wife in awhile (not in that way, perverts!). @_@ I'll write you guys something soon, i promise!

Alright, I need to try to get ready for service. I've got a headache, but hopefully it will go away soon. Laters!

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So, first off...

Game!Giovanni's app was accepted! Breaks_ground is his SBG LJ!
(Sorry for not linking it, I'm posting from my BB)

So I'm in a van with teens I don't know. And if you remember some of my stories, I...don't do well with teens in this sort of setting. :/
They're really loud and stuff... I feel kind of lost, cause I know none of them and everything...I hope this doesn't end up being a waste of time. I could be RPing :P
I just hope I don't freak out or anything.

Alright, I'll try to post more later. Later!

Luv luv,
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Giovanni's app!


Sadly enough, angerment caused this app to be written tonight.

h well, not complaining!
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(Posted from BlackBerry)

Oh geez, has it been 2 weeks since I posted?!
(Yes, yes it has)

Gah, guys, I'm sorry I've been dead lately. Passover took all of this past week-and-a-half to get prepared. It was really good, though.
But...I have to wonder what may go wrong in retribution for it...

Oh well. Hopefully nothing will go wrong.

But I am sorry for not being around lately. I need to catch up on my Flist...

In other news, I reserved Giovanni, Ayah, and Tani in Sumabura Gakuen. Man... Ayah looks like he'll be up first. Gio I want to take time on, and Tani doesn't have a backstory yet. Actually, Ayah's almost done with the background. :)

I owe my friend (I'll call her PTOG here) an apology. She's been a really cool person, and I promised her an entire post as a pimp-your-DA deal. I"m sorry, hon, I'll get that done asap...

May be gone next weekend. I was able to get into a weekend retreat next weekend, and wasn't sure if we'd have the money in time. So I call the organization, tell them about it (we wouldn't have the money until RIGHT after when Dad gets his bonus), and I was astounded when they said I can send the money when Dad gets it.
._. Whoa.

So, as long as one of the groups up here isn't full, I can go!

Alright, I need to go. Just wanted to drop in...

OH! Also, I need username ideas for Gio, Tani and Ayah. I keep thinking AyahAirlines, but...
Pfft that's silly.

Anyway, any suggestions would be grand!

Love love,
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So as I am writing this on my Blackberry, I'm sitting in a little diner somewhere off Jimmy Carter Blvd, waiting out the hell hail and rain and nasty, nasty traffic. It's dark now, the lights seem to fracture as they enter my eyes. We're tired, hungry, and I'm calming my nerves with a large glass of sweet tea. It's only slightly sweet, but I don't care; it's a comfort food, and that's all I wish for at the moment. Andy hugs Usa-chan as we order. It's standard American fare, a hamburger and a Rueben sans cheese, but in our exhaustion and hunger, the food tastes even better than it might otherwise. I kick off a seed of depression, knowing it's merely from battling the elements after walking around in a crowd of people and the whirlwind of emotional energy that accompanies it. Empathy may be useful in relating to people, but feeling so much energy in a room, so much excitement, and being pulled from that adrenaline and endorphine rush, tires one's own energy: a veritable rollercoaster of emotions.

The convention was a mix as well. It was exciting to go and learn and shop and act silly for a few hours, but in hindset I realize I should wear better shoes next time. My feet throb and ache, making walking difficult, and no one seemed to recognize who Andy and I were until we told them. A bit unnerving, given that it's my first try at a costume. Ah, well, next time.

However, there were some good things as well. I met Ms. Android_Raptor, and I was able to buy a few things for my collections, and I got to see some interesting outfits and things. I also got to attend a Writer's Roundtable, which was very informative (eventually I'll post what video I got of it). So, except for the rain, it was a good day. I'm already planning on going to another one, though I'm not sure when...perhaps I can lose some weight and wear my black/violet gothic lolita outift next time?

The rain's finally stopped, and it's time to pay the check. I'll post more later.

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 Sorry for not posting in awhile. It's been pretty busy.

Pffffft. We all know I've been playing SS in all my spare time.

Seriously though, it has been rather busy. Monday I don't even remember, Tuesday we went to Toco Hills to finish buying stuff for Passover (OMB We're less than 2 weeks away!) and got me some scrub pants to go with the outfit, Wednesday was my Psych appointment and I was scrambling to finish my work, Thursday we finished shopping for my stuff, and today has been insane business.

But first...
[/channeling Chester A. Bum)

I am surprised it is this good, though. 
And I haven't even gotten to Bugsy. Haha.
I think one of my favorite things about the new games is the Wifi. I've done, like, three trades in the last few days. Got a Jirachi and special!Pichu from a friend on DA, and people on [ profile] pokewifi literally give away eggs. So I have a bunch of stuff from DPP...

Now, for today's report:
Today keeps shifting between comedy of errors and good. On the one hand, I didn't need to go to math class today (Midterm study) but I wouldn't have heard a really funny joke if I hadn't. I also wouldn't have gotten my hair dye for my costume (well, more dye) or some knee highs for the shoes I got (the shoes are kind of small...).

On the other hand, I tripped carrying Matzo/Matzah/however you wanna spell it into synagogue and hurt myself. It didn't scrape up my elbow too bad, but my entire right arm hurts like hell now. Seriously, all the way up to my shoulder and down to my hand. D: What the heck did that fall do!?
And I now have a Matzah box corner shaped bruise on my face from where I fell on one DX
But I did find out Pokewalkers are amazingly resilent. Considering I fell on the side where it was...
It was seriously the first thing I checked. It's like "Please be okay Jigglypuff!" XD

And speaking of Pokemans...
I got THIS:


I found it at my local Walmart on the bottom of the case. It's the same price there as the game by itself.
Hell yeah I bought it.
I owe my parents a little money now, but that's okay. I'll pay them back when Mike hands me the cash for doing his cover tomorrow night.
Nice case, too. Has room for the DS and three games. So, HG, SS, and Pt. ^_^

Also, the figure rocks so hard. I have it being flanked by the legendary bird figures!
I need to take pics of my collection now... :)
I didn't even realize I was starting a figure collection back up until just now, but I really like collecting them. Next week I should have a Fearow figure and a Pachirisu plushie coming in.

I'm such a dork... >_>
But a happy one! ^_^

BTW, if anyone wants one of the special sets like the pic above, lemme know, and I can try to get it for you. You'll have to send the money, but...

Anyway, I need to go eat with the family now. Post later!

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I currently have SoulSilver in my's SHINY.

Also, I barely got a figurine. Apparently Nintendo didn't send out enough for the preorders (O_o), and they had run out. Originally, the girl said "Um, we're out of Lugias... would you like 2 Ho-ohs?"
My heart dropped.
Me: No lugia?
Girl: No, sorry...*talks to associate* Oh, we're out of Ho-ohs too...
Me: o_o *looks like you just kicked her puppy*
Girl: Hm... *to associate: Hey, can she have these ones on the monitors? Okay* Alright, here ya go! ^.^
Me: ^_^ Thank you so much!

So Gamestop in Loganville, GA wins major points, IMO.
Nintendo distribution center, however, loses points for not being smart enough to ship out enough.

Going to go by later this week and see if they still need those posters and big boxes...  :-)

I should have a package coming in from [ profile] japax  early this week, so I'll do a collection post on [ profile] pkmncollectors soon.

Oh, and this is the first DS Gen games I've bought ever...
I have so much to learn...

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