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Alright, here's my artwork so far. If you could be so kind as to comment on them on their DA pages, it would be much appreciated! <3
(And if you don't have a DA account and don't feel like making one, I'll take comments here, but I do prefer them there...)

Hadassah Raphaela Designs
by ~HadassahRaphaela on deviantART

My Logo for my business! =D

Aiyana Aythi
by ~lilRebbitzen on deviantART

My background for my LOTRO character

Meteor strike
by ~lilRebbitzen on deviantART

Just an awesome space background I made one day!

Sephiroth Background
by ~lilRebbitzen on deviantART

One of my first backgrounds! Sephiroth!

Giovanni Background
by ~lilRebbitzen on deviantART

My Giovanni background I made!!! ^_^

Seren Background
by ~lilRebbitzen on deviantART

And the companion piece!

Ffion Sisters
by ~lilRebbitzen on deviantART

A background for my novel... what ever it's called! =P

My book cover
by ~lilRebbitzen on deviantART

The book cover for my '08 NaNoWriMo entry, Sinful Rose, Crimson King.

Hopefully I'll post more later!

Khalomot tovim veLaila Tov!

Sweet dreams and good night!
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         So I just spent $30 at an Asian farmer's market... on mostly sweets. @_@ There went all my money... 

       I'm TRYING to rewrite a song I found translated from a game so it flows better and so I can put it in a prompt, but it's giving me fits.. Anyone wanna help? >_<

       I'm working on several prompts now. RIGHT now I have the rewrite of Ice being written, and apparently I'm in the mood for song fics, because it's one too. Oh, and it's a J&J fic!

       Audience: El gasp! No es Giovanni centrado? (It is not Giovanni centered?) 

      Wait, when did I get the Spanish populous reading my blog!? Oro?!

      Me: Eh, Ha Giovanni en ella, pero Jessie y James son los temas principales. En serio, Gio está allí sólo porque ... esperar, no puedo decir todavía, o se echarán a perder! (Giovanni is in it, but Jessie and James are the main characters. Seriously, Gio is there only because ... wait, I can not say yet, or it will be spoiled!)

      The other prompts are a holiday one, which will have Giovanni/Silver fluffyness in it (Huzzah!) ^.^, and the song fic I'm having to rewrite the song a little, and will almost assuredly be the (or ONE of) the Poison prompt(s), possibly the Drink prompt, not sure yet.
      So far, the tenative title is "Though it might be poison...", and would either have a flashback to when Ser and Gio were betrothed/they got married, since it talks about sharing a glass of wine, which you do in Judaism, both at the betrothal ceremony (which can be after you propose [they're not always the same], but if you do the betrothal, you're legally married to them then, you just aren't...
Lemme try that again... In Judaism, At both the betrothal ceremony and the wedding, the couple shares a glass of wine. A betrothal is not required in conservative and reform circles (Seren is consevative, which is right under Orthodox; in C & R circles, just a proposal is fine ), BUT, If the couple goes through the betrothal ceremony, they are considered married in the eyes of the law, (they are not allowed to cohabitate or have relations, however) and so it would require a divorce to get out of a betrothal.
So, it is not done lightly.

In Giovanni and Seren’s case, they chose to have the betrothal ceremony, since they had agreed that they wanted to be together the rest of their lives around 16 or 17. But they also realized from events through the years that their being together was not in the best interest of several people (Giovanni’s mother included, but also their enemies), and that it could be dangerous to Seren just being associated with him when he took over Team Rocket. So, it’s kind of about him asking her if she wants to be together with him despite the dangers they may face, hence “It might be nectar, Though it might be poison”.

Just throwing out some stuff *shrug*

Also, MySims Agents is EFFIN FUN! XD

In completely non-weird matters, I started up my design business on DeviantArt now... so far all I have posted is my logo :) I will be sharing that next...

Post again soon!

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