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 x_x So hi I'm back. I keep meaning to update but I forget or put it off. 

So you know where I said i started college way back when? UM that fell through but I'm about to start on the 6th at a different one. 8D I'm going for Biology right now, but most of the classes this semester are just fill outs. But I'm just glad I'm starting soon. And praying it doesn't fall through ;n;

The past few months have been weird. For well over a month, I was taking care of a cancer patient, which definitely was strange. Hard, stressful, but not too bad. And I'm apparently back up on transportation, which is weird with my schedule :|... I want to help her more, but at this point, I'm not sure I can... What do???

RP front, that's been my main hobby still, and i got a new character in as well, Nephenee from Fire Emblem. Fixed Gio up as well, he's a lot better than I was doing.

And as for Fanfics...honestly, I sit down and try to write, and I can't. I don't know why, but it's like a giant brick is there :/ WRITER"S BLOOOOOCK *sob*

Went on a cruise mid December, and while it was fun, I fell and landed on my knee. :( I gotta go get an MRI Monday morning. Fuuuuun. And I gotta pay for college and get books andandand... /o\ help....

So how has everyone been lately? 
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So happy MLK day to you all, and for some reason I'm at a Gwinnett Gladiators hockey game (Daddy's company paid for the tickets, so we decided to do something different). It's not terrible, it's not spectacular, it's something different.

Although I will admit the music at the beginning was effin' EPIC, and when they brought the players in, they used cathedral bells...

Mother effin' cathedral bells...


I seriously want to use the music as inspiration when I write Giovanni and Seren facing off against the Indigo Plateau now.

At least it's more entertaining than football. (Grown men beating around a piece of heavy frozen plastic with sticks > grown men kicking pigskins over goals) :/

Giovanni: did that screen seriously just say "yell y'all"??? O_o
Hadassah: welcome to Georgia, Sakaki-sama... can feel the redneck air corrupting my mind...
Hadassah: you have no idea...

Okay, I'm going to get something at the stand while the zamboni's going.

I'll try to post some previews later...


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