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 x_x So hi I'm back. I keep meaning to update but I forget or put it off. 

So you know where I said i started college way back when? UM that fell through but I'm about to start on the 6th at a different one. 8D I'm going for Biology right now, but most of the classes this semester are just fill outs. But I'm just glad I'm starting soon. And praying it doesn't fall through ;n;

The past few months have been weird. For well over a month, I was taking care of a cancer patient, which definitely was strange. Hard, stressful, but not too bad. And I'm apparently back up on transportation, which is weird with my schedule :|... I want to help her more, but at this point, I'm not sure I can... What do???

RP front, that's been my main hobby still, and i got a new character in as well, Nephenee from Fire Emblem. Fixed Gio up as well, he's a lot better than I was doing.

And as for Fanfics...honestly, I sit down and try to write, and I can't. I don't know why, but it's like a giant brick is there :/ WRITER"S BLOOOOOCK *sob*

Went on a cruise mid December, and while it was fun, I fell and landed on my knee. :( I gotta go get an MRI Monday morning. Fuuuuun. And I gotta pay for college and get books andandand... /o\ help....

So how has everyone been lately? 
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I'm starting the 23rd!
So far, I'm registered for Biology I, College Study Skills, Composition and Rhetoric, Introductory Psychology, & Introduction to Microcomputers. So, basic stuff, but just want to get started right now. My declared Major is Nursing, but I'm just working to work my pre-reqs first. I may end up dual-enrolling at the nearby Georgia Gwinnett later, since they have Pre-Nursing...

So we'll see.

But that's a huge burden off my shoulders. I feel rather relieved knowing I'll be around people and out of the house like 3 days a week.
It'll help with my depression, in any event.

Hm...can't think of anything else right now. :| RLwise anyway.

RPwise, it's been weird. But I think I'm heading the right direction now. Giovanni, you are suuuuch a jerk. It's fun playing someone opposite me. He's starting to learn what he needs to work on... BD and complaining at me so hard.
As always, check the journal to see what's going on.

Okay, I'm off. I'll post more later. <3


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Alright, so my Dad went into surgery around 1pm, and was out within an hour. It turns out they couldn't get the damnable thing because the inflamation was too great. So, they put a stint in to lessen the inflammation, and they're going to try again the week after this coming one.

Poor Dad...

Anyway, that's all for right now. I'm hungry~~~

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 So I just had a Tropical (Hawaiian) blizzard from DQ, and it made me feel better... ♥

Now I have to tackle schoolwork. Which puts me back to feeling 'meh'. =P I hate math...

Keep mah daddy in prayer, please, he's got the stupid kidney stone surgery tomorrow at noon... 

BTW, does anyone know if they've got a translated rom out for HGSS yet?

Also, for anyone who's interested, I redid the Wanted preview. Go check it out, it's a few posts down!

/random post

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 So, I found out while chatting with BlackJackRocket last night that Bare and Legacy were posted in the Pokemon FanFic Recs on TvTropes. So of course I was happy to find out about that. Then I found out today that it was my friend Hannah in RL. She comes over every now and then for sleepovers, and I'd let her read them on my Lappie. (The laptop, not my lap, you perverts!) So she liked them, and recced them after she asked me something about them (She technically did email me, since I was on my father's computer downstairs playing Oblivion...she was just too lazy to come down and ask O_o)... 
So, I'm happy she liked my stuff enough to rec them...
But does it count if it's a RL friend reccing on your laptop/IP? 

Great, first BJR gets accused of selfposting on one of the comms here, now I'm probably going to be. Great......

Next time, Hannah-bear, please rec it on YOUR IP...

Figures when something good happens, it's a possible double-edged sword. Nyaaa~~~
Such is this thing I call life.

Alright, I've got to go do dishes and math homework. Post more later!
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