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So I was looking through my stuff, and realized this fic wasn't on my journal. WELP. Can't have that, now can I? Even though I haven't written in heaven knows how long, I might start up again...Maybe.

Anyway, here we are.
EDIT: LOL I forgot Flying types aren't technically strong against Ground types. They aren't effected, but they aren't Strong against them.

51. Childhood
Characters: Lil' Giovanni, Lil' Seren
Rating: G
Notes: the First in a series about Giovanni and Seren as young trainers. In an anime style, complete with anime physics. ^^
It's more embarassing than you think.. )

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So I was in my first LOTRO raid in awhile a few hours ago, against the Turtle (A GIANT TURTLE IN MORIA =O), and, even though I've been in about 5 times, WE NEVER WIN! WTF is up with that? I know I'm doing MY job (healing the losers in front), but why can't we kill the MFer?! 
I will make you into turtle soup, you stupid animal!

Anyway, Daddy's got his surgery tomorrow, and I've got my Endo appointment around the time he gets out...let's see how bad my body's doing! =D
I just hope they're able to get the damn stones out this time >_< Please Lord let them get them out...

I can't say I'm really working on anything at the moment. I'm having to move my files back to the laptop, sort them out a little. I've got sooo many projects:
Rewriting Sinful Rose, Crimson King
Writing Poison/Medicine
Writing Zel/Wordsnatcher's fic (I promise it'll get written, hon, but it is slow in coming together in me poor brain...Gomen nasai)
Maybe a MST3K style fic of some TR members reviewing/playing the drinking game to The Eye of Argon...

Possible preview?:
"Only after you have kissed the fleeting stead of death, wretch!" returned Grignr.

Giovanni: "stead"? How the hell do you kiss a "stead"? I know what that word means...that's not it. *drinks because of the "misused words" rule*
Meowth: 'ow many sentences are we inta this ting?
Giovanni: Seven.
James: "Returned"? Can't they just say "parried" or, oh I don't know, "SAID"?
Seren: Why does everyone think that word needs replacing?
Jessie: This guy's worse than GxS...

A sweeping blade of flashing steel riveted from the massive barbarians hide enameled shield

Seren: Wait....hide enameled shield... *downs a large glass* that doesn't...tha...that's not how enamel works! It doesn't make sense!
Jessie: Aren't you asking a bit much for this to "Make sense", ma'am?
Seren: Gears...slipping....intelligence...falling....*stares blankly off into space*
Giovanni: I do believe you killed the hamster in there. I'm not sure whether to congratulate you or fire you.

sending a steel shod blade to the hilt into the soldiers vital organs.

James: No! I just had those pipes restored! We won't be able to use them for Madame Rocket's Brain hamster's funeral dirge!
Giovanni: It's not dead yet!
as he faced the attack of the defeated soldier's fellow in arms. "Damn you, barbarian" Shrieked the soldier

James: "He died as he lived, draped in the arms of another man..." *sees The Boss biting his lip* What?
Giovanni: *under breath* Must. not. make. joke...
Jessie: What sort of guy shri... *looks at James* never mind.
James: Hey!

I have no idea if that was any good, I was coming with what came to mind...  :/ Thoughts?

Alright, it's almost 3, I'm going to watch some of the My Immortal reading on TGWTG ("What the hell are you doing you motherfukers!?!" `Dumblydore) and then I must be off to bed... Night!
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So I'm really bored (and sort of tired, just having burned 400+ calories on Wii Fit Plus), so I started wondering what I should post next. Then it hit me: Have ya'll ask the characters questions! Any question will do (well, mostly), and you can ask any of the following characters:

Giovanni, Seren, Domino, Junior (G&S's oldest son, Domino's hubby), Silver, Rosa-Bree (G&S's oldest daughter, the adorable one from Bare), Jessie, James, Meowth, Alden Rochat (Giovanni's father), Mondo, & Madame Boss (we weren't able to get her here, seeing as she's in an Asylum and Seren's kind of threatened to kill her if she's ever outside it...)
I'll add more characters later, but let's stick with the ones that have made appearances (cameo or otherwise) thus far.
Basially, this is for me to flesh out things, so it'd be great if you all would help.

The Which Do You Prefer section:
I'm coming up with nicknames for some Pokemon, and I need a little help...
It's a male umbreon, and so far, the nicknames I'm choosing between are:

Laila (LIE-luh; "Night")
Erev (Eh-rev; "Evening")

Considering its countrpart, Espeon, is nicknamed "Ora" (OR-rah; "Light"), I'm thinking Laila, but since it's male...

Some of the Pokemon in the group have nicknames already:
Fearow (M): Ayah ("Cormorant")
Dragonair (F): Tani ("Dragon")
Persian (F): Persia (LOL)
Cleffa (F): No nickname yet, working on that

I'm so very creative with nicknames aren't I...

Also, This is so freaking sweet. And take a look at the pics of the voice actors (and from what I've heard of the voice acting, it's awesome). It's official, Israelis are hot. Though I'm sad it doesn't list Sakaki-sama's voice actor... research time! ^^ (Whoever said you can find anything on the internet lied)
(And am I the only one who thinks Dawn Lanny-Gabay (the last pic on the page) would make a delicious Seren? It think I've developed a grl-crush...soooo pretty =P)

Anyway, fire those questions away and lt me know your preferene on that nickname, please!

Thank you guys in advance! <3 (What the crap, the heart html doesn't work...)
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 Whoa, I wrote a oneshot? Wow, I haven't done that in awhile!

For some reason, my brain stuck some pattern in there... O_o

Kudos to Wordsnatcher for inspiring the age-progression thing!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

83. Twist
Characters: Unnamed couple, Madame Boss, a couple of others
Word count: 1205
Genre: Drama/History-fic
Rating: PG-13, I suppose

83. Twist )
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*sigh* apparently I cut out just enough of Wanted that it didn't make much sense, so here's what i have written...
Notes: Sometime close in the future, the world has started to fall apart. A mysterious group of bounty hunters has emerged in the chaos to clean up the mess, but will their own pasts catch up with them? . 

REDONE Wanted preview [you know you want to read it] )
*sigh* and that's all I've got for know, sorry for it cutting off like that. I promise to continue working on it...

Hope this version makes more sense...You know, for a preview...

In other news, I did my alloted 30 minutes of WiiFit today. Let's hope I can keep this up...
Dammit, my stomach is sore from one of the yoga poses... >_<

And I also have bloodwork in the morning... *gets in hot chocolate and some sweets before midnight*
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 Alright, so here's some previews for some upcoming stories, including Sinful Rose, Crimson King, though I'm not sure if i can put it into a prompt easily...
That story is DEFINITELY a longfic...

Sinful Rose
Warning: Violence, and a bit of silly melodrama from the SR... >_< *isn't sure whether to take that out or not*
Also, SPOILERS for the SR's identity!! You have been warned...(Not that most of you hadn't figured it out by now... :P)
Takes place in their 20s
Sinful Rose Opening )

Here's the preview for when Seren's being tortured in Crimson King...
Warning: Contains violence, not suitable for anyone under 14.
Takes place about a year and a half ago (August 2008), so they're about 43

Crimson King preview 1 )

And finally, part of my wanted prompt:
Wanted preview [you know you want to read it] )

EDIT: Don't read that one, read the one I just posted above, please. 

Let me know what you think, por favor! Thank you!
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So apparently I have something conspiring against me; Not only did I start out the school semester with a messed up neck, it seems I may finish with one to! X( I don't have time for this nonsense, bloody heck! I have to finish this week's work, then I have finals next week! >_< Oh L-rd help me...

I also seem to have a cold for the 3rd time this year...good bob!

So, after reading Wordsnatcher's fic, I was inspired to finally sit down and finish a prompt I had start a million times over, but never completed. W00t! Enjoy!

18. Bare
Characters: Giovanni, Seren, Madame Boss
Pov: Seren
Rating: PG-13
Notes: How far would you go for a loved one?

18. Bare )

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