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Important stuff

So, I came up with a list of my stories thus far, and their order in my timeline. Includes known events, and unwritten fics. Will be updated periodically. For Japanese names, it is given family name first, given second (Japanese order):

|Unknown date: Ginata Isabella Moretti (Madame Boss) and Alden Rochat marry
|November 17, unknown year: Dvorah Hill and Gavriel Awres marry
|August 1st, (1966?): Birth of Iian Giovanni Rochat
|October 21st, (1966?): Birth of Seren Esther Awres
|Unknown date, (1971?): Giovanni befriends Persian, saves him from the Pokemon Collection Agency
|January/February, 1974?: Beginnings/ Giovanni meets Seren
|March, same year: Illness
|Late October, 1977?: Childhood/ Giovanni and Seren pass their Pokemon Trainer's Tests
|October 21st: Birthday/Seren turns 10, and heads off on journey with Giovanni.
|Unknown date: Giovanni and Seren meet Miyamoto "Miya" Hanako  and her future husband, when Miyamoto is charged with watching them while MB and Alden are out of town.
|Unknown Date: G & S meet Domino's future mother, Robin, and her future husband at a Pokemon conference
|January, 1980: Giovanni and Seren kidnapped by a rival of his mother's. (May write a story, but it's pretty gritty)
|Unknown date, Same year: Giovanni's twin siblings, Stefan and "De", are born
November, 1981: Medicine?/Giovanni and Seren run away to Johto after he barely survives an infection he gets from being abused by MB
|Unknown date (1982?): Giovanni asks Gavriel (Seren's father) for her hand in marriage
|Unknown (1983?): Giovanni converts to Judaism to marry her
|Same year: G&S are bethrothed
|Unknown date, 1983: James is born
Unknown date, 1983: Jessie born

|October 2nd, 1984: Giovanni and Seren are married, are subsequently drafted into the army the same day. (Story will be written, not sure what prompt)
|Unknown date: Goivanni, Seren, Miyamoto and her hsuband, Robin and her husband, join the Okami Brigade (Special Forces)
|Unknown Date: Giovanni promoted to head of Okami Brigade, is nicknamed "Okami no Okashira" (Wolf's Head), Seren acquires the nickname "Kitsune"
|Unknown date: Seren and Giovanni are captured by North Korean forces during war, manage to get that squad wiped when they "give up" false information
|November 8th, unknown year (1985/1986?): Rosa-Bree born (?Smile?)
|May 15th, 1989: Hadassah Raphaela Awres (Seren's sister) born
|April 2nd, unknown year (1990?): Domino Mizaki is born
|June 25th, (1991?): Giovanni Jr, Giovanna, Yocheved, and Aino Rochat born
|Unknown date: Miyamoto's husband dies, Miya is forced to adopt out Jessie to have her cared for
|Later that year: Robin's husband dies on mission
|Unknown date: Seren convinces TR executives to let her take out MB, fails mission, but doesn't have cover blown
|unknown date: Miyamoto and Robin go missing in the Andes Mountains on the Mew Mission, Domino is placed in foster care after Giovanni and Seren lose custody battle
|December 1995/1996: Giovanni is sexually abused by Madame Boss (Flashback in Candle), (Event not revealed), Alden Rochat goes missing shortly after
|February of following year: Bare/ Madame Boss is incarcerated in an asylum, TR is controlled for a time by executives; Giovanni is granted custody of his twin siblings for a time until "De" marries, Stefan moves out
|March following year: Bare/Giovanni takes over TR
|August 5th, 1999: Gavriel Jr. (Seren's brother) is born
|1999/2000: Fate/Domino is found after storms rip through Viridian.
Later same year: Giovanni and Seren are granted custody of Domino, adopt her
|May 3rd, 2002: Genevieve "Jenni" Rochat is born
|August 1st, 2003: "Lilly" Rochat is born
|Same year, unknown date: Events of Mewtwo Returns
|Unknown date: Crimson King begins when Junior and Domino are engaged
|April, 2008: Seren and Jessie are kidnapped by rival organization, Seren meets Silver.
|August 2008: Seren, Jessie, and Silver rescued. Seren loses pregnancy when she is attacked by old enemy.
|September: Junior and Domino wed
|October: G&S renew vows
|December: Jessie and James marry

|Early February 2009: Domino discovers she is pregnant
|Early February: Touch (Warning: Adult Content)
|March: After months of trying, Seren concieves
|August: Legacy/Giovanni the 3rd "Van" is born.
|October 2nd: G&S's 25th anniversary, family travels to Israel beforehand
|October 12th: Seren gives birth to triplets (2 boys, 1 girl) in Israel; Elian Gavriel, Alden Kadmiel, and Ahava Eliana
|December: Silver comes to live with his family permanently
Story stuff:
Soundtrack songs:
  • Seren's Theme (Title theme): Tsumi na Bara [Sinful Rose] 
  • Opening Theme: Season's Call (HYDE)
  • Giovanni's theme (title theme): Crimson King (Demons and Wizards)
  • Rosa-Bree's theme: Hoshiyomi~Reading the Stars (Ar Tonelico)
  • G&S's wedding song: Moondance (Van Morrison)
  • 25th anniversary song: Into The Night (Santana)
  • More to come!
Random stuff:
are my


Current Pokémon teams (by game):


LeafGreen (moemon):


Heart Gold:

Soul Silver:



White 2:
Muse List

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