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 x_x So hi I'm back. I keep meaning to update but I forget or put it off. 

So you know where I said i started college way back when? UM that fell through but I'm about to start on the 6th at a different one. 8D I'm going for Biology right now, but most of the classes this semester are just fill outs. But I'm just glad I'm starting soon. And praying it doesn't fall through ;n;

The past few months have been weird. For well over a month, I was taking care of a cancer patient, which definitely was strange. Hard, stressful, but not too bad. And I'm apparently back up on transportation, which is weird with my schedule :|... I want to help her more, but at this point, I'm not sure I can... What do???

RP front, that's been my main hobby still, and i got a new character in as well, Nephenee from Fire Emblem. Fixed Gio up as well, he's a lot better than I was doing.

And as for Fanfics...honestly, I sit down and try to write, and I can't. I don't know why, but it's like a giant brick is there :/ WRITER"S BLOOOOOCK *sob*

Went on a cruise mid December, and while it was fun, I fell and landed on my knee. :( I gotta go get an MRI Monday morning. Fuuuuun. And I gotta pay for college and get books andandand... /o\ help....

So how has everyone been lately? 
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Hm, not sure if I would exchan...WAIT WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING HELL YES I WOULD
as long as I could still write some of my silly angst!fluff from time to time...

Seriously, if I were another Tolkien, I would write my novels like THAT. And while I'd write Seren and Giovanni every now and then for fun, I wouldn't have to do it to get better like I do now.
PFFFT, This question makes me want to work on my novel... dammit. Well, that's it, I'm going to have to post some of my crap writing. -_-

Tolkien actually is my all-time favorite author. The tales that man could weave... he actually inspired my love of coming up with history for places and stuff.
And he made me love fantasy even more.
Too bad he died like 17 years before I was born :/ *sob*

Anyway, I swear I'm going to kill this bastard that comes to our synagogue one day. He's one of those 30somethings that hits on younger women (like teenage ones), stalks women he gets close to (OH LORD IN HEAVEN THE STORIES I CAN TELL), and is genuinely messed up. I caught the baka yarou telling one of Trish's kids (the kids we took care of for awhile) that he'd get her some nice shoes, but one: He's not even supposed to be talking to the kids because he's already tried to turn them against their mom and said he wanted to adopt them and a bunch of other stuff. Two: He and the girl were actually conspiring to lie to her mom and say that their "Mimi" (a family friend who takes care of the kids while Trish is at school) has been saving up for these expensive shoes for her birthday.
At first, I wasn't sure whether to say anything to Mom or not, but then I realized Wait, he's actively trying to get them to lie to their mom, causing trouble again, and he's not even supposed to be talking to the kids. Hell no I'm not letting this slip. So I tell Mom, who gets me to tell Dad, who has me be there when he tells Trish. Who is obviously not pleased.

I think the only reason my father has not recommended she gets a TPO on him is I think he hopes he'll stop after he lamblasts him again. But what if he emotionally attaches to another woman after her? And its WORSE?
I'm starting to think he's one of those guys that needs major help, like from a professional psych in a mental hospital.
*shiver* I knew that that first impression he gave me when he first came was spot on.
Hmph. Personally, I think the only way its going to get better is a TPO...

But Purim was fun! ^_^
I'll see about posting the audio at some point. It's a rowdy good time!

Off to play Ace Investigations: Miles Edgeworth! Night!
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Used to be I didn't watch much at all, but now that I've found some stuff online I can't find on my TV, I tend to watch a lot online now.

I suppose my determining factor is whether I can see it on TV or not. Stuff like Axis Power Hetalia? Online. A lot of old anime isn't on tv anymore, so I go to places like ZOMGanime to watch it. A lot of that's in the original Japanese too... Japanese Sailor Moon FTW!
Also, I've been watching the first season of Pokemon online (in Japanese), and I find myself falling in love all over again.
(although my first love on that front is getting to watch Mewtwo Returns in the original Japanese...*wibbles*)
Haha, I'm such a geek. <3

Basically, if I'm trying to catch up with a show, or watch the old shows that don't play on TV anymore, I'll watch them online.

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