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So I felt distinctly unfabulous unromantic today, so I'm afraid the VDay fic will have to wait.
In fact, I felt downright shitty and bitter today.
I guess it has to do with last night and thinking about my childhood and talking about it with [ profile] blackjackrocket . Then I was at the store, realized I didn't get anything for Valentine's Day (I did but didn't realize it), and picked myself up some strawberries covered in chocolate...and then it hit me that my mother was not only married by my age, but probably pregnant with me...
So yeah. Cue bitterness.
EDIT: Damn, I just realized I've kind of been selfish and a bitch today... *apologies to EVERYONE*

So, while I'm posting a story, it's...well, it technically a romance, but mostly a drama/angst.
I've actually been meaning to refer to this event at some point...
It isn't very well written, IMHO, but hopefully you'll like it a little.
So, here's the story:

Title: Letting go
Characters: Gavriel and Dvorah Awres, Seren, Giovanni, G&S's kids
Genre: Romance/drama/angst
Notes: Actually goes along with the VDay fic I'll post later, when I can manage it
Mia Stella- "My star" in Italian
Neshama- "My soul" in Hebrew
Ema- "mother" in Hebrew, but also can indicate a grandmother or mother-figure

Summary: An extremely shortened version of two people dealing with pain.
Happens between Madame Boss’s sentencing in Bare, and his taking over Team Rocket in the same story.
Part two occurs a few years in the future (so they’re in their early 40s, probably 42 to be exact)

"Have you ever considered just...letting go?" )

Story notes )
And now that that's posted, I'm going to go eat something, now that I feel better.
Hope you like!
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 Whoa, I wrote a oneshot? Wow, I haven't done that in awhile!

For some reason, my brain stuck some pattern in there... O_o

Kudos to Wordsnatcher for inspiring the age-progression thing!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

83. Twist
Characters: Unnamed couple, Madame Boss, a couple of others
Word count: 1205
Genre: Drama/History-fic
Rating: PG-13, I suppose

83. Twist )
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*sigh* apparently I cut out just enough of Wanted that it didn't make much sense, so here's what i have written...
Notes: Sometime close in the future, the world has started to fall apart. A mysterious group of bounty hunters has emerged in the chaos to clean up the mess, but will their own pasts catch up with them? . 

REDONE Wanted preview [you know you want to read it] )
*sigh* and that's all I've got for know, sorry for it cutting off like that. I promise to continue working on it...

Hope this version makes more sense...You know, for a preview...

In other news, I did my alloted 30 minutes of WiiFit today. Let's hope I can keep this up...
Dammit, my stomach is sore from one of the yoga poses... >_<

And I also have bloodwork in the morning... *gets in hot chocolate and some sweets before midnight*
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 Alright, so here's some previews for some upcoming stories, including Sinful Rose, Crimson King, though I'm not sure if i can put it into a prompt easily...
That story is DEFINITELY a longfic...

Sinful Rose
Warning: Violence, and a bit of silly melodrama from the SR... >_< *isn't sure whether to take that out or not*
Also, SPOILERS for the SR's identity!! You have been warned...(Not that most of you hadn't figured it out by now... :P)
Takes place in their 20s
Sinful Rose Opening )

Here's the preview for when Seren's being tortured in Crimson King...
Warning: Contains violence, not suitable for anyone under 14.
Takes place about a year and a half ago (August 2008), so they're about 43

Crimson King preview 1 )

And finally, part of my wanted prompt:
Wanted preview [you know you want to read it] )

EDIT: Don't read that one, read the one I just posted above, please. 

Let me know what you think, por favor! Thank you!
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Hooray, I finally posted the fic as I promised! More Lil’ Vanni and Lil’ Seren! <3 I love writing these two as kids.
Happy New Year, everyone, and happy anniversary to me! The 31st was the one year mark for my first fic! ^^
Hopefully it came out alright, because I just typed 4k or so in under 24 hours... :/

Two parter, since it's fairly long.

Childhood saga, pt 2.
61. Illness

Characters: Lil’ Giovanni, Lil’ Seren, Alden Rochat, Gavriel and Dvorah Awres (Seren’s parents), Satoshi-Sensei (OC)
Rating: G...well, PG if you count Giovanni cursing in Italian...

61. Illness, pt. 1 )

61. Illness, pt. 2 )
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So apparently I have something conspiring against me; Not only did I start out the school semester with a messed up neck, it seems I may finish with one to! X( I don't have time for this nonsense, bloody heck! I have to finish this week's work, then I have finals next week! >_< Oh L-rd help me...

I also seem to have a cold for the 3rd time this year...good bob!

So, after reading Wordsnatcher's fic, I was inspired to finally sit down and finish a prompt I had start a million times over, but never completed. W00t! Enjoy!

18. Bare
Characters: Giovanni, Seren, Madame Boss
Pov: Seren
Rating: PG-13
Notes: How far would you go for a loved one?

18. Bare )

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Hey everyone! I finally posted another fic!

Fic time! Fic Time!

Life has been fuuuuun lately....okay, actually' it's been rather stressful. Thankfully, we just got past the High Holy Days, so I just have to manage to keep up with schoolwork right now....

Math is a bugger.

Post more later, I'm going to bed!
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64. Beginning

As I am using these prompts to help me flesh out a fanfic I am writing, They may be a little long. Just to warn you.

I figured starting with the Beginning prompt would be helpful, and fun. My continuity will almost always be the show, but I’ll be throwing in tidbits from the manga every now in then. Sorry, folks, Silver may not be making an appearance, despite his badassery.

Speaking of which, this particular prompt is rated G, and takes place shortly after the Persian story in How I Became a Pokémon Card. Yeah, I consider that canon to the anime. Hush. :P

I've also had people ask wht the girls dislike her. The answer? They simply do. Considering I've been under the same thing as Seren in this one, I know all too well that little kids can be jerks.

The story )

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