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So I was looking through my stuff, and realized this fic wasn't on my journal. WELP. Can't have that, now can I? Even though I haven't written in heaven knows how long, I might start up again...Maybe.

Anyway, here we are.
EDIT: LOL I forgot Flying types aren't technically strong against Ground types. They aren't effected, but they aren't Strong against them.

51. Childhood
Characters: Lil' Giovanni, Lil' Seren
Rating: G
Notes: the First in a series about Giovanni and Seren as young trainers. In an anime style, complete with anime physics. ^^
It's more embarassing than you think.. )

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So I felt distinctly unfabulous unromantic today, so I'm afraid the VDay fic will have to wait.
In fact, I felt downright shitty and bitter today.
I guess it has to do with last night and thinking about my childhood and talking about it with [ profile] blackjackrocket . Then I was at the store, realized I didn't get anything for Valentine's Day (I did but didn't realize it), and picked myself up some strawberries covered in chocolate...and then it hit me that my mother was not only married by my age, but probably pregnant with me...
So yeah. Cue bitterness.
EDIT: Damn, I just realized I've kind of been selfish and a bitch today... *apologies to EVERYONE*

So, while I'm posting a story, it's...well, it technically a romance, but mostly a drama/angst.
I've actually been meaning to refer to this event at some point...
It isn't very well written, IMHO, but hopefully you'll like it a little.
So, here's the story:

Title: Letting go
Characters: Gavriel and Dvorah Awres, Seren, Giovanni, G&S's kids
Genre: Romance/drama/angst
Notes: Actually goes along with the VDay fic I'll post later, when I can manage it
Mia Stella- "My star" in Italian
Neshama- "My soul" in Hebrew
Ema- "mother" in Hebrew, but also can indicate a grandmother or mother-figure

Summary: An extremely shortened version of two people dealing with pain.
Happens between Madame Boss’s sentencing in Bare, and his taking over Team Rocket in the same story.
Part two occurs a few years in the future (so they’re in their early 40s, probably 42 to be exact)

"Have you ever considered just...letting go?" )

Story notes )
And now that that's posted, I'm going to go eat something, now that I feel better.
Hope you like!
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 Whoa, I wrote a oneshot? Wow, I haven't done that in awhile!

For some reason, my brain stuck some pattern in there... O_o

Kudos to Wordsnatcher for inspiring the age-progression thing!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

83. Twist
Characters: Unnamed couple, Madame Boss, a couple of others
Word count: 1205
Genre: Drama/History-fic
Rating: PG-13, I suppose

83. Twist )
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*sigh* apparently I cut out just enough of Wanted that it didn't make much sense, so here's what i have written...
Notes: Sometime close in the future, the world has started to fall apart. A mysterious group of bounty hunters has emerged in the chaos to clean up the mess, but will their own pasts catch up with them? . 

REDONE Wanted preview [you know you want to read it] )
*sigh* and that's all I've got for know, sorry for it cutting off like that. I promise to continue working on it...

Hope this version makes more sense...You know, for a preview...

In other news, I did my alloted 30 minutes of WiiFit today. Let's hope I can keep this up...
Dammit, my stomach is sore from one of the yoga poses... >_<

And I also have bloodwork in the morning... *gets in hot chocolate and some sweets before midnight*
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 Alright, so here's some previews for some upcoming stories, including Sinful Rose, Crimson King, though I'm not sure if i can put it into a prompt easily...
That story is DEFINITELY a longfic...

Sinful Rose
Warning: Violence, and a bit of silly melodrama from the SR... >_< *isn't sure whether to take that out or not*
Also, SPOILERS for the SR's identity!! You have been warned...(Not that most of you hadn't figured it out by now... :P)
Takes place in their 20s
Sinful Rose Opening )

Here's the preview for when Seren's being tortured in Crimson King...
Warning: Contains violence, not suitable for anyone under 14.
Takes place about a year and a half ago (August 2008), so they're about 43

Crimson King preview 1 )

And finally, part of my wanted prompt:
Wanted preview [you know you want to read it] )

EDIT: Don't read that one, read the one I just posted above, please. 

Let me know what you think, por favor! Thank you!
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So happy MLK day to you all, and for some reason I'm at a Gwinnett Gladiators hockey game (Daddy's company paid for the tickets, so we decided to do something different). It's not terrible, it's not spectacular, it's something different.

Although I will admit the music at the beginning was effin' EPIC, and when they brought the players in, they used cathedral bells...

Mother effin' cathedral bells...


I seriously want to use the music as inspiration when I write Giovanni and Seren facing off against the Indigo Plateau now.

At least it's more entertaining than football. (Grown men beating around a piece of heavy frozen plastic with sticks > grown men kicking pigskins over goals) :/

Giovanni: did that screen seriously just say "yell y'all"??? O_o
Hadassah: welcome to Georgia, Sakaki-sama... can feel the redneck air corrupting my mind...
Hadassah: you have no idea...

Okay, I'm going to get something at the stand while the zamboni's going.

I'll try to post some previews later...

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So I just got out of Math class (which they now require us to take come in for [at least we get 10 points extra on packets]), after getting here at 9:15 after getting up at 8:05 after getting less than 3 hours sleep because my body wouldn't tip over already...
Ugh, I'm tired...

The amazing Wordsnatcher and I are corresponding right now as she helps me rewrite Sinful Rose, Crimson King. I'm still working through some plot stuff on CK, but hopefully I'll start rewriting soon... I had to create a new document, it's going to be so different than the original. Plus I wanted to keep the original as a momento of my first NaNoWriMo win.

I'll post more later, since I need to go home now...

*jams to Crimson King as she drives off*

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Hm, so I got bored after coming home, I started wondering..what the hell do i call my shipping? Rocketshipping is taken, obviously (Jessie and James, and I am an avid Rocketshipper), Commandshipping is Giovanni/Domino [rant] (which grosses me out to no end because NEVER have I seen a fic where it's not strictly him being a pedo and/or the relationship being strictly sexual... PEDOPHILIA is NOT cool [you lose every cool point if you are this]) ... Uggggggggggggh, I seriously get physically sick if I read the stuff, it's so base...
Okay, let me get back on track...
Anyway, I was wondering what to name Giovanni/Seren... So far, I've come up with...

Earthstar-shipping (Do you need me to explain this??)
Sakashi (Sakaki + HoSHIko, the Japanese version of Seren)
Rochatshipping (XD)

I personally like Earthstar...

I dunno, what do you folks think??? Any ideas?
In retrospect, I like Wordsnatcher's Second-in-Commandshipping (heh heh heh)...she originally put it as Domino/Junior, but since Seren's the
AHA, I know! Domino/junior is Heirshipping! ^.^ Woohoo! *lists in interests*

lemme know what you think works! <3

Also, what the hell is up with the random shakes I'm getting? I thought it might be from getting cold, but I'm not feeling cold necessarily when it happens... WebMD says "acute stress reaction", but that doesn't make sense. Hm...

And I forgot how AWESOME Ratatouille is! That movie makes me smile so hard... :-D
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Hooray, I finally posted the fic as I promised! More Lil’ Vanni and Lil’ Seren! <3 I love writing these two as kids.
Happy New Year, everyone, and happy anniversary to me! The 31st was the one year mark for my first fic! ^^
Hopefully it came out alright, because I just typed 4k or so in under 24 hours... :/

Two parter, since it's fairly long.

Childhood saga, pt 2.
61. Illness

Characters: Lil’ Giovanni, Lil’ Seren, Alden Rochat, Gavriel and Dvorah Awres (Seren’s parents), Satoshi-Sensei (OC)
Rating: G...well, PG if you count Giovanni cursing in Italian...

61. Illness, pt. 1 )

61. Illness, pt. 2 )
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*sigh* So my poor Daddy just had to go to to hospital again, because the pain from the kidney stone... Since I woke up all of a sudden to the sound of him dry-heaving in the living room, I can't go back to sleep yet because of the adrenaline. *sigh* Which is now making my head hurt. Nyaaa~~

Found out yesterday that they (the urologist) couldn't locate the stone well enough on the X-ray to blast it, AND there's another one on the other side... which they can't blast for probably another week.

You have failed me for the last time, science. *kills random scientist*

And this is all going on during my parents' birthdays (24th & 28th)...

*El sigh*
No wonder I can't finish writing.

On a happier note:

I do want to post another story before or on the 31st, though, since that's the One year anniversary of my first story. :)
Let's see if I can get my tuchus moving enough to finish one.

Also, I got sucked back into the sim games, and made a newer version of the Rochat family... well, as many characters as it will let me have, anyways... >_< I need that damn awesomemod to work already...
And of all the Rockets and family members I've made, Domino is the hardest. They don't have the right short curly hair, you have to custom do the dress, and there's almost no chance of getting the boots to have the red stripe. Phoo...
Oh well, since she's only a year older than Junior, I got away with making her a toddler like him and his sisters. That leaves me time to find/make something...

I'll post pics when I get the chance!

EDIT: Dad's home now, feeling a bit better, but only because they IV'd him with pain meds.

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         So I just spent $30 at an Asian farmer's market... on mostly sweets. @_@ There went all my money... 

       I'm TRYING to rewrite a song I found translated from a game so it flows better and so I can put it in a prompt, but it's giving me fits.. Anyone wanna help? >_<

       I'm working on several prompts now. RIGHT now I have the rewrite of Ice being written, and apparently I'm in the mood for song fics, because it's one too. Oh, and it's a J&J fic!

       Audience: El gasp! No es Giovanni centrado? (It is not Giovanni centered?) 

      Wait, when did I get the Spanish populous reading my blog!? Oro?!

      Me: Eh, Ha Giovanni en ella, pero Jessie y James son los temas principales. En serio, Gio está allí sólo porque ... esperar, no puedo decir todavía, o se echarán a perder! (Giovanni is in it, but Jessie and James are the main characters. Seriously, Gio is there only because ... wait, I can not say yet, or it will be spoiled!)

      The other prompts are a holiday one, which will have Giovanni/Silver fluffyness in it (Huzzah!) ^.^, and the song fic I'm having to rewrite the song a little, and will almost assuredly be the (or ONE of) the Poison prompt(s), possibly the Drink prompt, not sure yet.
      So far, the tenative title is "Though it might be poison...", and would either have a flashback to when Ser and Gio were betrothed/they got married, since it talks about sharing a glass of wine, which you do in Judaism, both at the betrothal ceremony (which can be after you propose [they're not always the same], but if you do the betrothal, you're legally married to them then, you just aren't...
Lemme try that again... In Judaism, At both the betrothal ceremony and the wedding, the couple shares a glass of wine. A betrothal is not required in conservative and reform circles (Seren is consevative, which is right under Orthodox; in C & R circles, just a proposal is fine ), BUT, If the couple goes through the betrothal ceremony, they are considered married in the eyes of the law, (they are not allowed to cohabitate or have relations, however) and so it would require a divorce to get out of a betrothal.
So, it is not done lightly.

In Giovanni and Seren’s case, they chose to have the betrothal ceremony, since they had agreed that they wanted to be together the rest of their lives around 16 or 17. But they also realized from events through the years that their being together was not in the best interest of several people (Giovanni’s mother included, but also their enemies), and that it could be dangerous to Seren just being associated with him when he took over Team Rocket. So, it’s kind of about him asking her if she wants to be together with him despite the dangers they may face, hence “It might be nectar, Though it might be poison”.

Just throwing out some stuff *shrug*

Also, MySims Agents is EFFIN FUN! XD

In completely non-weird matters, I started up my design business on DeviantArt now... so far all I have posted is my logo :) I will be sharing that next...

Post again soon!
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Warning, youtube videos on this page! Hopefully they won't start automatically.

FINALLY done with the last week of schoolwork, and I just did 3 of 4 finals! Woohoo!

Also about done with a cover for a friend's book. When the book's published I put the cover up.

Neck's still stiff, and I think a couple of vertabrae are slightly misaligned; I don't believe my insurance (I think I'm back on now) covers chiropractors... Hmph, how annoying.

Hooray, Hanukkah Day one's Friday! *cheers* I know I'm getting Wii Fit Plus and the new Zelda game, not sure what else I'm getting... Got Andy My Sims Agents for the Wii, and I know the parents got him the New Super Mario game.
Going to go to Toco Hills tomorrow after my final final (hahaha) to get last minute supplies for the festival, namely candles.

And I just realized I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting Mike, Steve and Sara... or my parents...
Hm. A bit of a problem...
Technically I could get my Dad a special passport holder that blocks the RFID from being seen, since he has to go to London a lot... *hops onto Thinkgeek for ideas* Oh my bob, they have a plush zombie you can dismember <3 So cute, in such a creepy way.

(Lots of links, but they help with the jokes!)

Junior: ^_^ I got Domino and my mom this last year when we found out they were pregnant.
Giovanni: Yes, and I remember you spending a week on the couch.
Junior: :-( Not my fault they have no sense of humour during the first trimester...
Giovanni: And now you know what I have dealt with through all the times your mother has been pregnant. Including this last time.
Junior: What are you getting Mom?
Giovanni: Jewelry, some books... a very nice tallit set. The triplets are getting baby stuff, as usual.
Junior: Oooo, shiny. You have the Boaz, right?
Giovanni: Yes, rather fitting for a convert like myself, though in reversal. So... dare I ask what you are getting your wife and child this year?
Junior: I learned my lesson, I played it safe with Domi... jewelry.
Giovanni: Good.
Junior: For Van, a bunch of baby stuff.... including this!
Giovanni: ... *slams head in wall* >_< Gah... Why, oh why did I ask....

Also, three songs to list today, since I've had some requests... read: one. :-P
The first is Seren's theme, Tsumi na Bara; the second, Giovanni's: Crimson King; & the 3rd, a song called "Song of Truth", that, whenever I hear it, I cry a little. It sounds prophetic, and also sounds like something from my story... I suppose it depends on the listener... but, my mind can't help but go Messianic on it, and at the same time, the plea in the song to be changed 'only a little' sounds like Seren and giovanni, to me anyway... Whatever. I post, you decide what it means to you! :-)

Sinful Rose )

Giovanni's Theme: Crimson King )

And then, Shinjitsu no Uta...
Every time I see the first lines, I swear I think of Legacy...
Japanese and English lyrics )

Is it talking about them, or is it something of a higher purpose...
Maybe both?
[/Jewish block logic]

Either way, gorgeous song.

I have very little of a life... :)

Okay, enough of my weirdness for now. I'm going to study my math for a bit (Ugg!), playing Wildhollow, then hitting the hay at some point (no guarantee soon!).

Khalomot tovim veLaila Tov!

Sweet dreams and good night!

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So apparently I have something conspiring against me; Not only did I start out the school semester with a messed up neck, it seems I may finish with one to! X( I don't have time for this nonsense, bloody heck! I have to finish this week's work, then I have finals next week! >_< Oh L-rd help me...

I also seem to have a cold for the 3rd time this year...good bob!

So, after reading Wordsnatcher's fic, I was inspired to finally sit down and finish a prompt I had start a million times over, but never completed. W00t! Enjoy!

18. Bare
Characters: Giovanni, Seren, Madame Boss
Pov: Seren
Rating: PG-13
Notes: How far would you go for a loved one?

18. Bare )

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Hey everyone! I finally posted another fic!

Fic time! Fic Time!

Life has been fuuuuun lately....okay, actually' it's been rather stressful. Thankfully, we just got past the High Holy Days, so I just have to manage to keep up with schoolwork right now....

Math is a bugger.

Post more later, I'm going to bed!
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64. Beginning

As I am using these prompts to help me flesh out a fanfic I am writing, They may be a little long. Just to warn you.

I figured starting with the Beginning prompt would be helpful, and fun. My continuity will almost always be the show, but I’ll be throwing in tidbits from the manga every now in then. Sorry, folks, Silver may not be making an appearance, despite his badassery.

Speaking of which, this particular prompt is rated G, and takes place shortly after the Persian story in How I Became a Pokémon Card. Yeah, I consider that canon to the anime. Hush. :P

I've also had people ask wht the girls dislike her. The answer? They simply do. Considering I've been under the same thing as Seren in this one, I know all too well that little kids can be jerks.

The story )

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