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Fire Emblem Nephenee
A young farmer girl from the village of Ohma, Nephenee is quite shy, but also handy with a lance. Don't let her appearance fool you, she's capable and strong. The shyest in the group.


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Pokémon Arina
A tomboyish Trapinch Gijinka who hails from the desert. While not exceptionally strong, she makes up for it with enthusiasm and heart. The one most likely to be mistaken for a boy.

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Soul Calibur Talim
The last priestess of a wind deity in the Phillipines,  Talim is meek, nice, and an all around good kid. In contrast to her appearance, she is a quick, capable fighter who has sworn to defeat Soul Edge once and for all. The quickest on her feet.


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Trauma Team
Maria Torres
A hot tempered young woman, Maria is one of several first responders employed at Resurgam First Care. While she strives to be a hero, and is a good paramedic, her abrasive, gung-ho personality puts people off easily. The quickest to be curse.

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Assassin's Creed 2 Leonardo Da Vinci
A later famous Italian artist, Da Vinci has pushed past obstacles surrounding his birth and station in life, and now is a fairly well known painter. He helps Exio construct a new blade and several other inventions. He is the most likely to procrastinate, however.

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Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals
A young prince of Pharae, and the son of Eliwood, Roy, like his father, is an upright and just man, with a perchance for idealism. While young, he is strong in both body and spirit, and will stop at nothing to protect his country and loved ones. The most likely to not realize a girl is flirting with him.

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Fire Emblem: Awakening Neitzah (My Unit)
A traveler who remembers nothing prior to being found by the wayside. Chrom realized her tactical genius and enlisted her in the Shepherds, where she is well liked. Unbeknownst to most, she carries a dark secret. The biggest mystery in the group.


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Dragon Age: Origins Leliana
What a lovely miniblurb that goes in here. It can even contain some info on your character!


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 Hey babes! From now on, this journal is now 8D The former will still redirect here, but I finally put the money down for it. LJ you money whore B|

Doing pretty good in life. College is taking up most of my energy right now sob. RPing still at SBG, with Gio and Nephenee.Trying for a Fearow next. Got Poggles Black, too. 8> I love it so much!

I also got on the list to go to Israel for free 8'D yaaaaaay!

How is everyone?
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 x_x So hi I'm back. I keep meaning to update but I forget or put it off. 

So you know where I said i started college way back when? UM that fell through but I'm about to start on the 6th at a different one. 8D I'm going for Biology right now, but most of the classes this semester are just fill outs. But I'm just glad I'm starting soon. And praying it doesn't fall through ;n;

The past few months have been weird. For well over a month, I was taking care of a cancer patient, which definitely was strange. Hard, stressful, but not too bad. And I'm apparently back up on transportation, which is weird with my schedule :|... I want to help her more, but at this point, I'm not sure I can... What do???

RP front, that's been my main hobby still, and i got a new character in as well, Nephenee from Fire Emblem. Fixed Gio up as well, he's a lot better than I was doing.

And as for Fanfics...honestly, I sit down and try to write, and I can't. I don't know why, but it's like a giant brick is there :/ WRITER"S BLOOOOOCK *sob*

Went on a cruise mid December, and while it was fun, I fell and landed on my knee. :( I gotta go get an MRI Monday morning. Fuuuuun. And I gotta pay for college and get books andandand... /o\ help....

So how has everyone been lately? 
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I'm starting the 23rd!
So far, I'm registered for Biology I, College Study Skills, Composition and Rhetoric, Introductory Psychology, & Introduction to Microcomputers. So, basic stuff, but just want to get started right now. My declared Major is Nursing, but I'm just working to work my pre-reqs first. I may end up dual-enrolling at the nearby Georgia Gwinnett later, since they have Pre-Nursing...

So we'll see.

But that's a huge burden off my shoulders. I feel rather relieved knowing I'll be around people and out of the house like 3 days a week.
It'll help with my depression, in any event.

Hm...can't think of anything else right now. :| RLwise anyway.

RPwise, it's been weird. But I think I'm heading the right direction now. Giovanni, you are suuuuch a jerk. It's fun playing someone opposite me. He's starting to learn what he needs to work on... BD and complaining at me so hard.
As always, check the journal to see what's going on.

Okay, I'm off. I'll post more later. <3


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First off, I apologize for not posting in a month ;-; I have both been completely addicted to SBG and its chat, and also busy with school before I was to graduate...
well...that last one is no longer an issue...


Okay I'm done spamming the large text option. :)

This week was crazy busy, but It's been good. I ended the semester on all A's, and since I got Honors (top 20%), it can be assumed my GPA is pretty high. So I'm quite happy about that.
I...can't really say much else on stuff cause nothing else has happened really. The past month was spent working my ass off on school and stress releasing with SBG. That's really it... O_o

Speaking of's gotten weird. First off, not long after I posted that, Giovanni was attacked in the City, and was put in the hospital with a major concussion. Now, concussions can make the personality "freak out" and cause it and the moods to swing around like a tether ball. Keep that in mind for this next part.
As you may know, [ profile] blackjackrocket is the Cyrus player, and I mentioned Giovanni and he were getting along...
Not anymore. Cyrus made the mistake of egging on a student that Giovanni had started thinking of as a daughter. Unfortunately for him, Giovanni saw this and got pissed as hell. Now, normally, he would have merely gone over and talked to him and played the passive-aggresive card. Due to either HOW pissed off he was, or the concussion screwing with his emotions, Cyrus got his ass handed to him by Vanni-kun. Yay. Now Cyrus sees him as an enemy, which he would have soon anyway if he didn't already, and Giovanni is doing a few things to throw him this (last tag by Giovanni in the Cyrus thread; requires being a member of Dear_mun to view?). Sadly it's not game canon, though we keep joking about Cyrus/Giovanni (hell no). Also, the student that Cyrus egged on and who was his star pupil? She's dropping Cyrus' class in favor of Giovanni's. Yeah!
I swear, Giovanni+Voile is the cutest friendship ever, right next to Mac+Giovanni.
Non-Cyrus-wise, Giovanni and Silver have met...and it didn't turn out well. Mac had to come by and talk Giovanni out of almost suicidal depression...
;3; Vanni, don't be sad, it'll be okay..

Right now, the main threads are the teacher's trip, where Giovanni made friend's with Uxie, and is currently trying to prank Cyrus, and also my latest entry where Giovanni is announcing he has to go to Viridian to take care of his dad for a bit. And Voile and Vanni on a mountain.

Oh...and if someone wants to get me something for birthday/graduation...a paid account for [ profile] breaks_ground would be completely awesome...I need one so badly to edit and for userpics orz

I'll post some more later, after I get all the links, but I have dinner to attend~

Post more later!



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 So I'm... kind of completely addicted to [ profile] sumabura_gakuen and its chat and everything...dammit. Normally I don't get addicted like this to something, but... I think because I'm actually talking to these people and making friends with them...and playing Giovanni's fuuuun. [ profile] theindigokid 's working on a Silver app, too, sooo...we may get to play together soon.
As for how Gio's doing, most of the time he's having to tell people who know about him "Yeah, I'm that guy, but I left that life behind me." But he's making a few friends... He and Knuckles the Echidna are all giddy about archaeology and digging and stuff... so they're getting along great. Knuckles even promised to help him get back into his exercise regimen and get one of the other guys to teach him to bench more.

Now all we need is a Byron and we can have the  "I LOVE DIGGING!" squad... (You should click that link, it's hilarious)
Also, that'd be the most awesome buddy squad ever. I mean, 2 Dan Greens and a Ted Lewis? *_* The earth should only be so lucky.
It would be the Manliest man squad.

Scarily enough, Giovanni and BJ's CYRUS are kind of getting along...for now, any way. I have a feeling Vanni's going to mention his wife at some point... at which point the conversation will go downhill as Cyrus goes on a rant about how such things are meaningless...Thankfully they haven't met each other face to face, or Giovanni may be tempted to strangle him. >_> Bonus points if Cyrus mentions his "perfect world" and Giovanni mentions "My father often spoke of a world to come that was perfect...however, your world was NOT it." (because I just the info from my little puppet that his father was Catholic... will you give me this stuff earlier, already?!)

Also, my little Geology teacher may or may not look like this on the first day of teaching...
picture! )

:3 Isn't he pretty?! It took me a double take to realize who it was. *_* Glasses!Vanni looks great!

And... I may or may not have this song stuck in my head... I don't like how the original sounds, but I love the beat to this one.

Um, let's see if I can think of anything substantial... Um, the retreat went okay. Although I want to beat them for being inconsistent. I mean, if you're going to make only people who's parents or Grandparents are Jewish full members, at least act like a Jewish organization, dammit. They couldn't even be bothered to seperate meat and cheese... what the hell? And they had normal marshmallows for s'mores, which have gelatin in them... ARE YOU KIIDDING ME?!

I'm going to try to post a bit more often now, and I'm hoping my computer will stop ditzing out long enough to get more icons done for PTOG. Seriously, you should go read it. It's the coolest thing and pretty awesome.

Also, I have the sneaking suspicion I'm going to hear some complaining from someone in [ profile] dear_mun soon. He's not thrilled I've barely touched him or his wife in awhile (not in that way, perverts!). @_@ I'll write you guys something soon, i promise!

Alright, I need to try to get ready for service. I've got a headache, but hopefully it will go away soon. Laters!

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So, first off...

Game!Giovanni's app was accepted! Breaks_ground is his SBG LJ!
(Sorry for not linking it, I'm posting from my BB)

So I'm in a van with teens I don't know. And if you remember some of my stories, I...don't do well with teens in this sort of setting. :/
They're really loud and stuff... I feel kind of lost, cause I know none of them and everything...I hope this doesn't end up being a waste of time. I could be RPing :P
I just hope I don't freak out or anything.

Alright, I'll try to post more later. Later!

Luv luv,
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Giovanni's app!


Sadly enough, angerment caused this app to be written tonight.

h well, not complaining!
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So I finally got to go out with Mom to the mall, and even though we didn't get to go a lot of places, we were able to pick up some neat stuff. I'm not sure which is bigger: The Chinese Jacket that looks...sort of similar to Silver's (except it has designs on it), or the MOTHERFRAKKIN PIPLUP HAT!
Haha, my mom noticed it at PicaPica (one of the Japanese/Korean stores in Discover Mills mall) and she said, "Aw, it looks liek like a penguin!"
I'm like, "yeah, it's a Piplup."
"Wasn't that on Pokemon?"
"...It's still kind of cute."
So Andy and I talked her into letting us get a hat each (He got a Goomba, I got Piplup), since they were on sale.I also picked up some hair accessories: Some hair ties... (I think Hello Kitty? *shuffles around in bag*) Yeah, some cute HK hair bands, a pretty pair of orange flower hair clip/pins (they sort of remind me of Orihime's blue hair clips), a nice pair of chopsticks, and some orange Japanese soda. You know, the type you have to force the ball into the bottle?
And I kind of promised one woman I'd try to stop by her shop whenever I'm in the area (She offers reward points w00t!)...
Which means everything I got was connected to Japan/China somehow.

So yeah, I'm going back into geek  mode. Oh well, I can deal with that. Better than being depressed, eh?
Oh that note, I think I'm downgrading from "obsessed" to hobby on my stories, but that could be the depression flaring up and talking. Gahhhhh...
Although I'm really liking RP stuff now. Hahaha. I think I'll try out SG soon, maybe play as Silver, or maybe Gio... I hear they need a gym teacher. (Holy crap, I think a million voices cried out in terror at the thought of Giovanni being a gym teacher... XD)

But  yeah, keep me in your thoughts, and let's pray/hope/send good thoughts/whatever the depression doesn't get as bad as it got when I was 15, plzkthnx. I really don't want to go suicidal again ;_; It's not like I have a real reason to, but unfortunately...depression has a way of making mountains outta molehills. Hell, I'm having to bat back the "I wanna hubby!" wangst, because I think that might be a depression trigger. I mean, it's not like I'm not fairly attractive (YourMileageMayVary, but I'm not ugly), so maybe I'm just not ready for a relationship yet, and that's God's way of helping me grow (the depression part is all me, though, because I have a Self Confidence score of 3 :P)
Besides, I figure all the people telling me I'm a sweet girl means something (unless of course they're just being nicSHUT UP BRAIN!) or another. Hm, well, I've got some opportunities to meet guys coming up, anyway.

Upcoming stuff I REALLY WANT TO GO TO:
Momocon!: Oh gosh, it'll be my first convention sdjafjakkjf I'm so excited! I don't have a costume or anything, so I'll probably just go as a Pokemon Trainer XD (Jeans, check. Sneakers, check. Awesome hat [Piplup or Giovanni style fedora(HELLYEAH)], check! Backpack, check! Random Pokemon stuff, check! Hell, I think I even have some of those old Pokeball toys lying around...And I think I can find my plushies....
Of course, I could go as a female Silver... (SHUT UP. I'm redheaded, got the jacket... Hm, need a Gen2 starter plush...)
So whatcha ya'll think? Normal trainer, cool trainer (If I can find my boots and leather trench and hat, I can pull it off...I hope), or Female Silver?
(If I had more time and balls, I'd make an Athena outfit)

Next, there's YMJA Youth retreat in April. It's just an over-the-weekend thing, but I want to go pretty bad. I haven't done a youth outing in forever... and I can meet some cute Jewish boys! :)

And finally, if I get on the list (PLEASE G-D), there's a chance I can go on a FREE TRIP TO ISRAEL!!! UGH, I wanna go like burning!

Hm, that's all I can think of for now... except for the fact I have math class tomorrow (;_;)

I'll try to get some pics of the stuff, especially the shirt and Piplup hat, so stay tuned! ^_^

Pip, Piplup!,

EDIT: Oh, and at the store I promised the lady I'd pop back by, there was this weird wallet...It had a woman kicking a guy giving her flowers, and it was orange and had a "R" on the back, styled like the Team Rocket one... I have no idea what it's from, but I think I need to pick it up... (If I have it if I go as Silver, i can say it's my mom kicking Dad (Gio) or something :P it sounded good at the time, okay?)

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