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I do, in fact, live, x_x
I really should post more...

Sorry it's been so long...between RP and life it's been weird this summer...

First off, I should finally be posting a Pimping Post for a friend of mine who does a comic soon. I am so sorry Sweetie ;3; We've got what we need to make the post, though...just gotta do it (which will be right after I do so RL things tonight).

Geez I don't even know what to say :| Well, I'm trying to get into a Community College, and praying that I do. Just went down there with mom today, and I have to take the COMPASS exam Wednesday morning. :o ombombomb kind of nervous.

Speaking of that, I'm in a class for my anixety finally. Or how to manage it better. It. Sort of helps.Might help more if I did the exercises.

Figures I can't think of what to write ;3;

So, um...I'll try to get that post up tonight, and I'll try to post more often. and occasionally regale you with RP tales. And maybe get back on the fanfic bandwagon. Meybeh.

Welcome back, me.
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 Sorry for not posting in awhile. It's been pretty busy.

Pffffft. We all know I've been playing SS in all my spare time.

Seriously though, it has been rather busy. Monday I don't even remember, Tuesday we went to Toco Hills to finish buying stuff for Passover (OMB We're less than 2 weeks away!) and got me some scrub pants to go with the outfit, Wednesday was my Psych appointment and I was scrambling to finish my work, Thursday we finished shopping for my stuff, and today has been insane business.

But first...
[/channeling Chester A. Bum)

I am surprised it is this good, though. 
And I haven't even gotten to Bugsy. Haha.
I think one of my favorite things about the new games is the Wifi. I've done, like, three trades in the last few days. Got a Jirachi and special!Pichu from a friend on DA, and people on [ profile] pokewifi literally give away eggs. So I have a bunch of stuff from DPP...

Now, for today's report:
Today keeps shifting between comedy of errors and good. On the one hand, I didn't need to go to math class today (Midterm study) but I wouldn't have heard a really funny joke if I hadn't. I also wouldn't have gotten my hair dye for my costume (well, more dye) or some knee highs for the shoes I got (the shoes are kind of small...).

On the other hand, I tripped carrying Matzo/Matzah/however you wanna spell it into synagogue and hurt myself. It didn't scrape up my elbow too bad, but my entire right arm hurts like hell now. Seriously, all the way up to my shoulder and down to my hand. D: What the heck did that fall do!?
And I now have a Matzah box corner shaped bruise on my face from where I fell on one DX
But I did find out Pokewalkers are amazingly resilent. Considering I fell on the side where it was...
It was seriously the first thing I checked. It's like "Please be okay Jigglypuff!" XD

And speaking of Pokemans...
I got THIS:


I found it at my local Walmart on the bottom of the case. It's the same price there as the game by itself.
Hell yeah I bought it.
I owe my parents a little money now, but that's okay. I'll pay them back when Mike hands me the cash for doing his cover tomorrow night.
Nice case, too. Has room for the DS and three games. So, HG, SS, and Pt. ^_^

Also, the figure rocks so hard. I have it being flanked by the legendary bird figures!
I need to take pics of my collection now... :)
I didn't even realize I was starting a figure collection back up until just now, but I really like collecting them. Next week I should have a Fearow figure and a Pachirisu plushie coming in.

I'm such a dork... >_>
But a happy one! ^_^

BTW, if anyone wants one of the special sets like the pic above, lemme know, and I can try to get it for you. You'll have to send the money, but...

Anyway, I need to go eat with the family now. Post later!


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