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I do, in fact, live, x_x
I really should post more...

Sorry it's been so long...between RP and life it's been weird this summer...

First off, I should finally be posting a Pimping Post for a friend of mine who does a comic soon. I am so sorry Sweetie ;3; We've got what we need to make the post, though...just gotta do it (which will be right after I do so RL things tonight).

Geez I don't even know what to say :| Well, I'm trying to get into a Community College, and praying that I do. Just went down there with mom today, and I have to take the COMPASS exam Wednesday morning. :o ombombomb kind of nervous.

Speaking of that, I'm in a class for my anixety finally. Or how to manage it better. It. Sort of helps.Might help more if I did the exercises.

Figures I can't think of what to write ;3;

So, um...I'll try to get that post up tonight, and I'll try to post more often. and occasionally regale you with RP tales. And maybe get back on the fanfic bandwagon. Meybeh.

Welcome back, me.
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'Cause it's mostly me grousing... *sigh*

Grousity grouse grouse )
For those of you who actually read this, thanks for sitting through my merping. I guess one reason depression and stress affect teens and young adults so much is, generally speaking, we have nothing to compare our situation with, experience wise. We can't look back at an earlier time easily and say "this situation's not bad compared to this" and we don't have the wisdom to come to that conclusion easily either.

I guess it's just a phase of growing up.

And because I feel like it, I want to say "I love you guys" to all my friends! ♥ *hugs*

Speaking of which, does anyone here have a facebook?

That's all for now, since I need to work on schoolwork... *strangles school papers* Maybe I'll get some writing in...

Luv luv, 

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