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 Hey babes! From now on, this journal is now 8D The former will still redirect here, but I finally put the money down for it. LJ you money whore B|

Doing pretty good in life. College is taking up most of my energy right now sob. RPing still at SBG, with Gio and Nephenee.Trying for a Fearow next. Got Poggles Black, too. 8> I love it so much!

I also got on the list to go to Israel for free 8'D yaaaaaay!

How is everyone?
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I currently have SoulSilver in my's SHINY.

Also, I barely got a figurine. Apparently Nintendo didn't send out enough for the preorders (O_o), and they had run out. Originally, the girl said "Um, we're out of Lugias... would you like 2 Ho-ohs?"
My heart dropped.
Me: No lugia?
Girl: No, sorry...*talks to associate* Oh, we're out of Ho-ohs too...
Me: o_o *looks like you just kicked her puppy*
Girl: Hm... *to associate: Hey, can she have these ones on the monitors? Okay* Alright, here ya go! ^.^
Me: ^_^ Thank you so much!

So Gamestop in Loganville, GA wins major points, IMO.
Nintendo distribution center, however, loses points for not being smart enough to ship out enough.

Going to go by later this week and see if they still need those posters and big boxes...  :-)

I should have a package coming in from [ profile] japax  early this week, so I'll do a collection post on [ profile] pkmncollectors soon.

Oh, and this is the first DS Gen games I've bought ever...
I have so much to learn...
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So I went to the Orthodontist today. He pulled a Japan and a Switzerland (I had two each before), but added an Italy...
I suppose I have both N. Italy and S. Italy on my teeth now :P

Went to Classy-Finds (a thrift store) and found, no kidding, Griffin candle holders.

Mother-effin Griffin Candleholders.

The idiot who was selling them (not the store people, they're sweethearts) wanted, like, $30 for them. Debra (the owner of the store) said he seemed like the type pf person who would want to sell them for $100.
Since I was already buying some stuff, and I had store credit, she gave them to me for $20. And I had $16 store credit... $4!

They're gorgeous little brass ones, and as soon as I get a good pic of them, I'll post it. They really are neat. UPLOADED! (That's just one, obviously.)

On a related, but less awesome note, I got a Unicorn candle holder as well. It's kind of cool, but it's not a frickin' grffin.
And a perfume pourer/coffee pot/not quite sure brass thing that's definitely from the Middle East...I vaguely remember them from Saudi.

Also, I went to Super-H mart, and they had Hi-Chew. But not just any Hi-Chew, MANGO Hi-Chew.
It's like Israel had delicious fruit flavored babies with Japan. =D

I'll see about posting more pics later, mayhaps. I need a shower, then I'm going to go play Dragon Age while keeping an eye for updates. :P

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