lil_rebbitzen: (Blue Laughing)
Hadassah ([personal profile] lil_rebbitzen) wrote2013-11-25 10:35 pm

Holiday card exchange!

Hello, everyone! Long time no post.

It's that time of year again! Time for cards to get sent out around the place for Christmahanukwanzaah~ So, if you would like a card, please fill out the following information:

Want something special:
I'm gonna do special stuff with names, so let me know if you want that name or another here!Plurk name:
Requests: [Any specific holiday? Any requests for what's in the card? I can't promise to be able to draw much, since I SUCK at it, but I can try?]
Want to exchange cards?: [I'll comment back with my address, or PM it to you]
Favorite colors/motifs/etc.: This way I know what to try to look for!

All comments are Screened! That way no creepers find your information :)