lil_rebbitzen: (l33tness of the dark side)
Hadassah ([personal profile] lil_rebbitzen) wrote2012-01-31 12:09 pm


Oy vey, so I'm here on DW now. Damn you LJ for being a bunch of jerks. B(

Back in school too. Gotta get my disability stuff finished to get my support up.

I'm terrible at posts, aren't I? XD

I've been in a cleany mode since Saturday night. It's the strangest thing. I guess I got tired of my room being a pile of crap :/ But I'm going to sell some stuff off to make some money and declutter. My Pokemon collection is way too big, but I dun wanna get rid of my kid collection. It's a fair size but I won't be able to make the money back, so I'm going to get rid of some plushies I guess.
I'm planning on moving downstairs too. But I need to clean it up. At least I can use the couch down there as a spare bed for friends. That way I can invite Samantha over and have a friend from up north down. She might be coming in March, and she's the one I met on the way to Israel, Avigail :) I can't wait.
But IT WILL BE HARD WORK X( At least I can toss some shit into the extra bedroom down there. AKA the trash room.

I have a plurk, btw! It's here! I update it a lot more then here, believe you me.

College takes up most of my time and energy right now, but I'm playing games on the side. Been playing a hack of FireRed called ShinyGold. It's basically HG/SS for the GBA. I want a new copy of HG or SS though so I can trade between them and start a new game :/ same with Pokemon Black. Andy lost his copy of both White AND HG so I'm stuck until I can afford it.

So how is everyone?

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