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Good heavens (in which I tl;dr about stuff)

First off, I apologize for not posting in a month ;-; I have both been completely addicted to SBG and its chat, and also busy with school before I was to graduate...
well...that last one is no longer an issue...


Okay I'm done spamming the large text option. :)

This week was crazy busy, but It's been good. I ended the semester on all A's, and since I got Honors (top 20%), it can be assumed my GPA is pretty high. So I'm quite happy about that.
I...can't really say much else on stuff cause nothing else has happened really. The past month was spent working my ass off on school and stress releasing with SBG. That's really it... O_o

Speaking of's gotten weird. First off, not long after I posted that, Giovanni was attacked in the City, and was put in the hospital with a major concussion. Now, concussions can make the personality "freak out" and cause it and the moods to swing around like a tether ball. Keep that in mind for this next part.
As you may know, [ profile] blackjackrocket is the Cyrus player, and I mentioned Giovanni and he were getting along...
Not anymore. Cyrus made the mistake of egging on a student that Giovanni had started thinking of as a daughter. Unfortunately for him, Giovanni saw this and got pissed as hell. Now, normally, he would have merely gone over and talked to him and played the passive-aggresive card. Due to either HOW pissed off he was, or the concussion screwing with his emotions, Cyrus got his ass handed to him by Vanni-kun. Yay. Now Cyrus sees him as an enemy, which he would have soon anyway if he didn't already, and Giovanni is doing a few things to throw him this (last tag by Giovanni in the Cyrus thread; requires being a member of Dear_mun to view?). Sadly it's not game canon, though we keep joking about Cyrus/Giovanni (hell no). Also, the student that Cyrus egged on and who was his star pupil? She's dropping Cyrus' class in favor of Giovanni's. Yeah!
I swear, Giovanni+Voile is the cutest friendship ever, right next to Mac+Giovanni.
Non-Cyrus-wise, Giovanni and Silver have met...and it didn't turn out well. Mac had to come by and talk Giovanni out of almost suicidal depression...
;3; Vanni, don't be sad, it'll be okay..

Right now, the main threads are the teacher's trip, where Giovanni made friend's with Uxie, and is currently trying to prank Cyrus, and also my latest entry where Giovanni is announcing he has to go to Viridian to take care of his dad for a bit. And Voile and Vanni on a mountain.

Oh...and if someone wants to get me something for birthday/graduation...a paid account for [ profile] breaks_ground would be completely awesome...I need one so badly to edit and for userpics orz

I'll post some more later, after I get all the links, but I have dinner to attend~

Post more later!



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Aah, but she's going over to have tea with Cyrus right now. And she still has a thing for him.

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Yes, but shortly after that tea, she's up in the mountains with her 'knight'. She sees this twit carrying for her and the other students and adorable baby poggles, and she can tell he's genuine. And she's still switched over classes and your guy will be in Sinnoh longer than mine will be in Viridian. It's still a tug of war, but I think he's made pretty good progress in a month.
Cyrus on the other hand he just likes to mindscrew B) which is far more entertaining than tl;dr debates, even though those are nice too. Also, I replied to the D_M thread and started that prank thing up real quick in the teacher's log. Give me a birthday present of him freaking the hell out in the D_M thread? Be the best present ever :)

Also, holy crap, that icon is fraking scary... ;3;

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Isn't it just? I also have this one.

What's hilarious to me is that Cyrus thinks mindscrewing is going to really accomplish something.

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Cyrus: Master of being creepy?
I want a face off between Joker!Cyrus and Joker!Vanni now. *shiver*

In game the mindscrew won't do anything because it is OUT of the game. OUT of the game, it may throw him off a bit, and that's what he's going for. He was just being a mischievous bastard xD

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Oh, I was talking about how Cyrus is mindscrewing Voile.

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[I figure this icon is relevant :P]

OH, well, from what I remember seeing, he was trying his damnedest, but not accomplishing much...
Then again, I could be wrong, and I can't remember, as I am under the effect of a Bay Breeze when I've never had vodka before @_@ but it was soooo good.

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And there's a typo in the icon. A word gets repeated.

Anyway! Yeah he sort of...fails in that regard. But he's trying!

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Hm. Well I didn't make it so I can't fix it :/

I need to get back to reading that log for the lolz..
Hopefully we can get this damn prank thing finished and I can get a weirded out Cyrus on the other...

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Also that was supposed to be caring*, not carrying ;_; but I can't edit easily on the Blackberry... orz

Oh and I got a Chumash for graduating... And plenty of embarassment from Daddy xD

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Congratulations on... Well, everything! :)

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Heh, thanks! :)

Yay, going out for booze! ~/o/

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well, you've definitely been busy m'dear ;D

i kind of want to read that dear_mun thread but i'm not a member and i'm too lazy to join OTL
i read the one with silver though, and it's so depressing how estranged they are. tugs right at my heartstrings ;3;

enjoy your birthday dinner and DON'T GET TOO DRUNK >D

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I may have accidentally put it as members only. I will fix it when I get home!
Oh bob yes, I was crying like a baby when I was writing that.
Bear in mind, my Giovanni is from a YEAR after the HGSS event. Can you imagine 3 years?!
Although, Silver and he are going to Viridian to see Gio's dad in the hospital, so we'll see how that goes...

Also, Bay Breezes are GOOD.

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The thread is now open to read \o/ sorry, I had accidentally locked it

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I need to have Ghinius (my main fictional lust object, who hails from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team) interact with Cyrus. Now THAT could get interesting (and possibly dangerous) :o

late, sorry!

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heh, once BJ gets off hiatus, I'm sure she'll have him on DR again at some point. You should have him pounce then. B)