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App status, and Because I have nothing better to do

So, first off...

Game!Giovanni's app was accepted! Breaks_ground is his SBG LJ!
(Sorry for not linking it, I'm posting from my BB)

So I'm in a van with teens I don't know. And if you remember some of my stories, I...don't do well with teens in this sort of setting. :/
They're really loud and stuff... I feel kind of lost, cause I know none of them and everything...I hope this doesn't end up being a waste of time. I could be RPing :P
I just hope I don't freak out or anything.

Alright, I'll try to post more later. Later!

Luv luv,

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if you are RPing Giovanni you may be interested in some icons I made of him today. 1/2 of them have Silver in them for some father son fluffiness but the other have is plain old Gio. For some reason I really like the one with chibi-Giovanni and weedle... even if the fanartist made him look a little evil...

and I dislike being around people I don't know period. Because it's just too awkward. Maybe if I'm introduced to them one at a time or something but I've been put into those kinds of situations before and it took a long time just to interact with somebody instead of just sitting/standing under a nearby tree either observing the people or the tree itself.

Here's to hoping it all goes well!

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I just thought of joining the RP as Game!Silver.
I can just see it now:

Silver: *death glares his new teacher the entire geology class*

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I will warn you that Giovanni has been looking for the kid and his wife (Silver's mom obviously), so Gio WILL ask questions. Just to warn ya. Otherwise, I think it couls be great. Maybe after awhile Gio can get close to his son again <3

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Or maybe they don't know each other. yet.

you just gave me a plot bunny about how Silver and his mom grew up. It only involves a little angst this time. But maybe you should tell me a little more about the kind of relationship Giovanni had with Silver's mom so I can possibly tweak it around based off of the history you give me.

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Um, since I don't have a clear idea on his wife, I'm not sure what to say. I DO NOT have at as Ariana, but I didn't have a person quite in mind since her identity wasn't all that important right now. I could use a version of Ser if I needed to, but enough different that it wouldn't point back to obviousness. But he and his wife were very close when he left like a dick. I actually don't see her being as bitter as her son. Very sad yeah, and she'll be mad as hell when she seems him again, but I think she'll end up hugging him and crying or something. I don't want it to be a complete angst-fest...

Also, keep in mind this Vanni is from a year after Red defeated him. It's AT/AU, so...
I would like to keep the mother alive, and as I was thinking about it, I think it would be interesting if perhaps she had been barely pregnant when he left. So, Silver's got a baby sister :)

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Made RP journal x3

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I heard from the RP folks :) They're VERY happy. Would you like me to hop on the DR and we work on some stuff, or work on it here?

don't mind the fact I'm still on my RP journal plz

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I'd rather work on it here, because I'd rather get all the info before applying and stuff.

Re: don't mind the fact I'm still on my RP journal plz

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okay. Do you have an IM of any sort? I have yahoo and AIM, and it'll be a bit easier than email or posting IMO.

Re: don't mind the fact I'm still on my RP journal plz

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yep, howlingsilvrmoon is my AIM, I'll log on right now