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Mixed Reactions

So as I am writing this on my Blackberry, I'm sitting in a little diner somewhere off Jimmy Carter Blvd, waiting out the hell hail and rain and nasty, nasty traffic. It's dark now, the lights seem to fracture as they enter my eyes. We're tired, hungry, and I'm calming my nerves with a large glass of sweet tea. It's only slightly sweet, but I don't care; it's a comfort food, and that's all I wish for at the moment. Andy hugs Usa-chan as we order. It's standard American fare, a hamburger and a Rueben sans cheese, but in our exhaustion and hunger, the food tastes even better than it might otherwise. I kick off a seed of depression, knowing it's merely from battling the elements after walking around in a crowd of people and the whirlwind of emotional energy that accompanies it. Empathy may be useful in relating to people, but feeling so much energy in a room, so much excitement, and being pulled from that adrenaline and endorphine rush, tires one's own energy: a veritable rollercoaster of emotions.

The convention was a mix as well. It was exciting to go and learn and shop and act silly for a few hours, but in hindset I realize I should wear better shoes next time. My feet throb and ache, making walking difficult, and no one seemed to recognize who Andy and I were until we told them. A bit unnerving, given that it's my first try at a costume. Ah, well, next time.

However, there were some good things as well. I met Ms. Android_Raptor, and I was able to buy a few things for my collections, and I got to see some interesting outfits and things. I also got to attend a Writer's Roundtable, which was very informative (eventually I'll post what video I got of it). So, except for the rain, it was a good day. I'm already planning on going to another one, though I'm not sure when...perhaps I can lose some weight and wear my black/violet gothic lolita outift next time?

The rain's finally stopped, and it's time to pay the check. I'll post more later.


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PS: I might be going to comicon in Albany with my friends ^-^ (yay for my first con!)

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PPS: you should take the "fanfiction personality quiz"! I did and it was very fun x3 (results are on my journal, it figures I'd get the answer "mindgamer")

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I got True Fan, but I think Mindgamer is closer, like yourself.

Albany New York or GA? XD
Whoa, Comicon? Damn! ;_; lucky... Say hi to the Mythbusters for me! I think they're coming this year

When I was at Momo, there was a panel called Writer's Roundtable, where you got to ask writers questions. One of mine was how to get a character's personality down, since you have to get to the point where you know everything about them to write them extremely well. One of them even mentioned using OKCupid and answering the questions like you are the character.
Me: *under breath* At least I'm not the only one who does it...
So I made one for Ser... too bad her FF personality and her novel one aren't the same right now (given right now she's 15 in the backstory, that makes sense).

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nah, I think you are thinking of the comicon in NYC.
this one is pretty exclusive for comics