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I currently have SoulSilver in my's SHINY.

Also, I barely got a figurine. Apparently Nintendo didn't send out enough for the preorders (O_o), and they had run out. Originally, the girl said "Um, we're out of Lugias... would you like 2 Ho-ohs?"
My heart dropped.
Me: No lugia?
Girl: No, sorry...*talks to associate* Oh, we're out of Ho-ohs too...
Me: o_o *looks like you just kicked her puppy*
Girl: Hm... *to associate: Hey, can she have these ones on the monitors? Okay* Alright, here ya go! ^.^
Me: ^_^ Thank you so much!

So Gamestop in Loganville, GA wins major points, IMO.
Nintendo distribution center, however, loses points for not being smart enough to ship out enough.

Going to go by later this week and see if they still need those posters and big boxes...  :-)

I should have a package coming in from [ profile] japax  early this week, so I'll do a collection post on [ profile] pkmncollectors soon.

Oh, and this is the first DS Gen games I've bought ever...
I have so much to learn...

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you're luckyyy ;o;
i want to play it so bad... i'm gonna play as gold and i want a cyndaquil and a bellsprout and a gastly to start out with and i already have it all planned out and and /sob

why wasn't i blessed with patience

but i really don't understand why everyone's making such a big deal over these figurines they're giving out...? what's so special about them?

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Because they're frakking adorablez?
I'm not actually sure. But when I first found out about the preorder bonus, I HAD to preorder it.
No idea why. Mania on my part :P

Gonna play Kotone on Silver and Hibiki in Gold, and since Andy's playing Gold (my copy Of course), I'm making him name the trainer/rival Gold/Silver, just cause :P

Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get it soon!

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haha i guess i'll just never understand the whole ~~collectible appeal~~ even though i used to collect shit left and right when i was ten

/bounces up and down excitedly
i haven't been this excited for a video game in YEARS. it's insane *3*

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last game I was THIS excited for that I can remember is Twilight Princess. :3

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eh, it's kind of a hobby thing. I'm trying to collect Fearow stuff, and the Chansey evo chain, and some other stuff.
Funny, I haven't collected the stuff in years either :P

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I've been playing my HeartGold game for about an hour now and ahhhhhhhhhh it's so amazing~♥

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Ah, Nostalgia. Like the smell of fresh lemon, as it were~♥

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More like the smell of fresh plastic, which is also nice (I think). xD

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Eh, depends on the plastic :P

It was actually a Phoenix Wright reference... :P

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Ohhhhh. xD
It's been so long since I've played any of the Phoenix Wright games. Still need to finish the 3rd one too...

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I haven't finished 3 or 4. Lost both, so I'm having to rom them. Playing 5 now

Also, JOEY!

[identity profile] 2010-03-14 11:36 pm (UTC)(link) CANADA!

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I didn't get my ho-oh figure... I was disappointed, but I didn't say anything because I really just wanted to get my game and go play...

I surprisingly got a female chikorita, which I named Sakura... and my team is currently: Bayleef (Sakura) Flaffy (Marie- though I'm going to re-nickname her Bo as in little bo-peep) and my Togepi (Togie... thus far the only male on my team) Togie ALREADY found a shiny leaf! I have been playing for just over 3 hours, but I didn't realize it because I was too obsessed with the pretty-ness. I named my rival Silver... any other name just didn't seem right with me. And I named my character Chloe of course.... what are you going to name your uh... person on your file?

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;_; I'm sorry. Maybe you can find one at Target or online?

UGH, lucky. I'm resetting until I GET a female. Same with Eevee in LeafGreen (Cause I want those eeveelutions).
Shiny leaf? O_o

Haha, yeah, he must be named Silver. Anything else isn't awesome enough.

Hm, female on SS is Hadassa, and HG is the boy being named..Gold. I must have one like that. XD

My Chiky's probabaly going to be Hadassah, since Ahleh is only used for Bulbasaur and its evos XD
Or Pera, since Perach is flower...

Also, Sudowoodo is Etz or Eytz. No exceptions.

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Finally got the female Chiky. Named her Aviva ("Spring", as in the season).

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horrah! I just beat Bugsy, which was very surprisingly difficult even with all my pokemon at level 18... I blame it on that Marie can't take a hit from u-turn... finally my TOGEPI managed to beat the syther with repeated use of metrenome (and one of them was ember which burned scyther) after it was burned I just kept using potions on him until the scyther fainted.

oh, and I made it to goldenrod and was VERY disappointed there are no more slots :(